For this 2024 winter season, the meteorological services estimate that the temperature could drop to 9 degrees. The record for the lowest temperature, however, remains 5.6 degrees. What is the coolest temperature recorded since the beginning of this winter? To this question, the speaker explains that it is 13 degrees, recorded on June 30 in two regions: Bagatelle and Grand-Bassin. During the presentation of the Winter Outlook in May, the acting director of the meteorological station, Prithviraj Booneeady, had indicated that the expected average temperatures would be 23°C on the highlands and 28°C in the coastal regions. However, he specified that in some regions, the mercury could drop to 9°C.

According to the Vacoas station, to record temperatures of 9 degrees, light wind conditions and clear skies, without clouds and with a decrease in winds are required. “This is when the lowest temperatures can be recorded, usually at night or early in the morning. Normally, the coolest temperatures occur in July and August. It is very likely to have these cool periods, but it should not be ruled out that it could happen at any time if the conditions are right,” says the forecaster.

Record temperatures of the last 30 years:

  • 6.5 degrees in Belle-Rive in July 1986.
  • According to the weather, this is the coldest place in Mauritius as between 7 and 8 degrees were recorded (4 occurrences) in Belle Rive
  • 5.6 degrees in the Arnaud region in August 2007.
  • 8 degrees in August 2020 in Bois-Chéri and Sans-Souci.
  • 8 degrees in August 2021 in Ferret, near Mapou.

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