Paul (name changed), 54, recounts the horror he experienced in Port Louis. He thanks God for sparing his life. He returned to Mauritius on June 1 after spending 45 years in Marseille, a notoriously troubled area in France. On Tuesday, June 25, at around 12:30 p.m., he was walking through the streets of Port Louis to go to the Passport & Immigration Office. “As I had lost my passport in France, I had to get it again and I took the opportunity to go for a walk.”

However, back home, Paul no longer recognizes the roads to the capital. He turns to a lady who shows him the alley he must take to reach the Sterling House building on rue Lisley Geoffroy, in Port-Louis. “The lady asked me to follow her, then she showed me the way and she left. » At that moment, Paul was far from suspecting that evil-intentioned individuals were following him. “It’s obvious that I’m not from here, the way I dress, even if I speak Creole, I speak it differently. »

“You’re dressed in Lacoste, give your money”

As he was walking to Sterling House, another couple, pretending to help him, dragged him to a secluded area behind the former Majestic Cinema. There, the couple was joined by four other individuals who surrounded the 50-year-old. At that moment, he experienced horror. He was at the mercy of this gang of criminals who operated in broad daylight. A woman threatened him with a knife. “They told me: give me your money, you're dressed in Lacoste. I asked them to calm down, then I gave them the money and my cell phone.”

Even though the criminals stole Rs 8,000 and his cell phone, he defended himself with all his might. “For Rs 8,000, I'm not going to get stabbed. They wanted to steal my bag, my glasses worth 250 euros, my watch worth 700 euros, but I was able to resist and I hit one of my attackers. I snatched my bag from their hands and ran away. They tried to chase me, but they couldn't because there were people there,” explains the declarant.

“I was always told to be careful. I grew up in even rougher neighborhoods in France. Instead of attacking people, they should look for work. It's not because I live in France that I'm a billionaire,” says our interlocutor.

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