• 73rd road death since the beginning of the year
  • Brother: “Linn won his motorcycle – a gift for his birthday”

Tragedy on the Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest road, near Canal Dayot, Port-Louis, on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 9. Ivan Léopold, a motorcyclist just 18 years old, lost his life after a road accident involving three other vehicles, including a van, a car and a minibus. The victim, a resident of Batterie-Cassée, Roche-Bois, was traveling towards Pointe-aux-Sables when misfortune struck.

Police, firefighters and ambulances rushed to the scene shortly after the accident, around 2pm on Tuesday. When emergency doctors arrived, the victim, who was lying on the asphalt, was pronounced dead. The body was taken to the morgue of Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital. Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the forensic department, who conducted the autopsy in the afternoon, attributed the death to multiple injuries.

In addition, the breathalyzer tests on the three drivers involved were negative. The three vehicles as well as the victim's motorcycle were placed under seal at the Central Barracks for the purposes of the investigation. The drivers will be asked to provide their versions to the police.

The investigation into the circumstances of the accident is being conducted by the Line-Barracks police. The driver of the minibus that was involved in the first collision has been charged with manslaughter. This Wednesday, July 10, this 44-year-old resident of Riambel will be brought before the courts.

Pransley: “I'm tired of hitting her when I'm done, I'm out of here”

Pransley, who was working not far from the scene of the accident, told Défi Quotidien that he heard a loud noise during the collision. “My body hits it when it hits, my body comes out,” Pransley shared. He immediately rushed to the scene, before starting a Facebook Live. “I'll do this Live so that the pros can get to the scene,” he said. Pransley said he saw the deceased lying on the asphalt and that he was no longer moving, and shortly after, the police and the emergency services arrived.

2024: 73rd death on our roads

The motorcyclist who died in Grande-Rivière on Tuesday afternoon is the 73rd victim to die on our roads since the beginning of this year.

Motorcyclists are the most affected, with 34 deaths. In second place in the number of deaths recorded on our roads, there are 13 pedestrians. Accidents involving four-wheeled vehicles have caused ten deaths, while eight drivers have also lost their lives following accidents. Concerning cyclists, the Central Barracks have recorded five deaths. Two passengers on the back have also died. In total, eight women have died in road accidents, compared to 65 men since January 1, 2024.

Michael, the victim's brother: “To win the race, he won his motorcycle.”

Another young man gone too soon. Ivan Léopold had blown out his 18th candle on June 1st. He was passionate about motorcycles. On Tuesday, this resident of Batterie-Cassée was heading to his girlfriend's house in Pointe-aux-Sables when the misfortune occurred.

Eric Michael Léopold, the young man's older brother, is devastated. It is hard for him to believe that he will no longer see his little brother whom he loved so much. “There were four of us brothers and he was the last. On June 1st, he celebrated his 18th birthday,” he says.

“To get his family, he won his motorcycle with my brother. He rode his bike to read. He was a learner,” Michael said. Ivan worked with his mother in a family shop. “Almost every day he rode his week to Pointe-aux-Sables to go to his friend’s room,” he continued. On Tuesday afternoon, the young man rode his motorcycle, but death awaited him.

“Then I went out to school, a friend in Pointe-aux-Sables called me, he asked me to come and see Ivan. I don't know him, but I can't stand him. He tells me that I have learned a lot about it. When my mother gets to me, I find she can cry. “My brother also cried,” Michael said in tears. Upon learning that this tragedy had occurred in Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest, he immediately went there. “When I was there, the police would pick up their motorcycles. “A comrade took me to the hospital,” said the brother, who then headed to Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital.

“My brother was born in a lotto, he was transported by a lotto, rolled by his labouss,” he says. He had the difficult task of identifying his brother's lifeless body at the morgue, a painful ordeal. “Everyone who died in a motorcycle accident, was sore. He was sore, rolled by his labouss,” the young man complains, demanding that the police conduct a fully transparent investigation. Ivan leaves his entire family devastated by his disappearance. His funeral is scheduled for this Wednesday.

Alain Jeannot, President of Road Safety Above All: “It is essential to raise awareness throughout the year”

For Alain Jeannot, president of Prévention Routière Avant Tout (PRAT), it is essential to come up with a sustained awareness campaign for two-wheelers, all year long. He reports that two-wheeler users are twenty-five times more at risk than four-wheelers.

He advocates awareness among motorcyclists. “They often drive too fast, they go too fast,” laments Alain Jeannot. For the president of PRAT, it is important that motorcyclists increase their vigilance. He justifies his explanations by saying that four out of six vehicles in the country are two-wheelers.

Alain Jeannot also denounces the number of “Drunk and Drugged Drivers” on our roads. In 2023, he claims that around 800 motorists were found positive in the Drug Test and more than 2,000 in the Breathalyzer test. “It's more than huge!”, he says.

However, the PRAT president praises the current work of the police. “Now they will do a good job, with controls and repression as a means of ensuring safety.” However, he says he notes that in terms of awareness, the situation still leaves something to be desired.

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