Criminals are always finding new ways to rob you of your money. In the south of the island, a crook tricked several shopkeepers. About ten days ago, the criminal police put an end to the activities of the suspect, a man named Hans Cuttayen, 27.

Filed with the police for cases of theft, Hans Cuttayen is making headlines again. Arrested for cases of car theft and burglary, this 27-year-old man, living in the village of Union Park, in Rose-Belle, changed his scheme to make easy money. He found the trick of committing thefts by tricking shopkeepers. He robbed several people before the police caught him on June 25. The crook confessed. Story…

June 13, 2024. The young man goes to Beau Vallon Mall. He targets a shop specializing in making cakes. He orders a hundred cakes for an amount of Rs 5,000. “He wanted to buy these cakes for a birthday party. He then asked me to give him Rs 1,500 in Rs 200 and Rs 100 notes and to place them in an envelope. Linn dir mwa fer kont pou 100 gato apre azout Rs 1,500 e ki li pou pay mwa plitar,” says the 38-year-old saleswoman. Which she says she did, believing in the good faith of the individual. But the latter disappeared without collecting his order, but with the Rs 1,500 from the manager who, distraught, filed a complaint at the Mahébourg police station.

June 22. The scammer shows up at a bookstore in Mahébourg. This time, under the pretext of wanting to donate school supplies, he convinces the manager to give him Rs 3,000 and three envelopes. “He asked me for Rs 3,000 and three envelopes. My father loves me, I want to pay him for my work. I want to pay Rs 3,000 for my work,” says the manager. The 59-year-old man says he complied with the customer's request. But once he has the money in hand, Hans Cuttayen will take off, leaving behind a frustrated and disillusioned shopkeeper.

June 24. He would do it again in another shop in the same village. The criminal was able to persuade the owner to lend him Rs 4,000 under the pretext of an imminent transfer of funds for a family emergency. “I gave him Rs 4,000 because he needs to bring his family to the hospital. I gave him Rs 4,000 because he was not given money and he would transfer it to me by mobile phone,” says this shopkeeper from Mahébourg.

According to the woman, the man pretended to manipulate her phone to make the transfer and left the premises. When checking her account, the saleswoman said she noticed that she had not received the money. “I left the store and told him that I had not received the transfer. He told me to check my phone again, but still nothing. I could not follow him because there were other customers in the store,” the victim said.

After these crimes, the 27-year-old man moved on to another stage, this time more violent. On June 25, Hans Cuttayen went to Blue Bay beach. He spotted his prey: a 75-year-old seller of “confit”. He attacked the septuagenarian and fled with Rs 2,000. “You take my gramer's first klian. You'll have to dress him up to get a first big wash. You'll have Rs 2,000, I'll have to dress him up to get my gramer's first wash,” a relative of the victim told Défi Plus.

Investigators from the Criminal Investigation Division of Mahebourg and the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit, led by Inspector Jugasing, through a meticulous investigation, caught Hans Cuttayen on Tuesday, June 25. He confessed to his crimes and remains in detention.

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