The debates around Rajanah Dhaliah's motion, which calls for the dropping of the provisional charge of influence peddling against him, continued on Wednesday June 12, 2024 at the Port-Louis court. Chief Investigator Poonoosamy Moonesawmy was cross-examined by Mr Ravi Rutnah, lawyer for the former Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS).

He said the receptionist assigned to the accused's office at Citadelle Mall, Port Louis, claimed that it was only after COVID-19, in 2021, that there was more control, whereas previously there was no entry in the “Visitor's Book”.

The witness added that the former PPS had, in his testimony in August 2023, told investigators that they could check the “Visitor's Book” at his office as well as the surveillance camera recordings to find out who were those who had visited his office. He had also asked them to question his driver, his personal secretary and his Constituency Clerk for this purpose.

However, according to the witness, after the seizure and verification of the “Visitor's Book”, it turns out that there was “no record”. As for the recordings, he says, they are only kept for a month. The investigator specified that the driver, the personal secretary and the Constituency Clerk of the ex-PPS have not yet been questioned in the wake of this affair.

Me Ravi Rutnah wanted to know if the case of the Independent Commission against Corruption against his client is based on the story of Ajay Kumar Jeetoo:

Question (Q): Is your case against my client based on the narration of Mr Jeetoo?
Answer (A): Not exactly. There are also communication details.

Q: In these communication details, is it written that my client asked snatch from Mr Jeetoo?
A: Not exactly. It indicated the relationship between Jeetoo and accused. It is corroborative evidence of the witness version. When put to the accused, he has been evasive.

The investigator confirmed that so far two public officials have been arrested in this case. He said the commission is doing everything to complete the investigation as quickly as possible. He mentioned the fact that Keagan Etwaroo had supported Ajay Kumar Jeetoo's version of the allegations of bribe solicitation by Rajanah Dhaliah, even though he was not present but was aware.

The pleadings of the lawyers of both parties have been set for June 24, 2024 before magistrate Waseemah Galamali. As a reminder, the Financial Crimes Commission accuses former PPS Rajanah Dhaliah of having requested Rs 4 million from Ajay Kumar Jeetoo, in order to use his influence to facilitate the granting of a lease to Eco Deer Park Association. It was as part of the granting of land in Grand-Bassin. The crime was allegedly committed in August 2020 at Citadelle Mall, in Port-Louis.

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