The aim is to get to the bottom of the allegations made against Commissioner of Police (CP) Anil Kumar Dip in a letter of complaint sent to the Financial Crimes Commission (FCC), the Prime Minister's Office and the Director of Public Prosecutions, among others, over the past week. It is in this context that a request for information has been made to the Prime Minister's Office in order to decide on the course of action.

The letter of complaint contains allegations of the use of three vehicles from the police fleet, namely a Porsche Macan, a Range Rover Velar and a BMW X6 M, by CP Dip and his children.

This could, according to the whistleblower, be a violation of section 22 of the Financial Crimes Commission Act, “Public official using his office for gratification”. If the Police Commissioner actually has police vehicles at his disposal, their use by other family members could be a problem in itself. If Anil Kumar Dip has not yet commented on the question, on the other hand, those around him speak of a storm in a teacup and affirm that the police chief was in no way exposed to a illegal act On the side of the FCC, its general director, Navin Beekarry, confirmed having received a complaint on this subject on Thursday. “This complaint must follow the established procedure. The law stipulates that there will be a preliminary investigation first, a further investigation or not depending on the repercussions of the said investigation,” he declared at the end of the presentation of the Financial Crimes Commission Act to the Bank of Mauritius. . At this stage, he specifies, “it is difficult to give further details”. However, at the level of the Prime Minister's Office, we say we want to see clearly in this matter and decide if the situation requires it. In the meantime, the response of the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, to a question from the Labor MP, Farhad Aumeer, in Parliament is eagerly awaited. The question from the Red MP appears in third position during the half-hour slot reserved for the Prime minister. Farhad Aumeer asks the head of government for information about the number of vehicles acquired for personal use by the Police Commissioner since his appointment to the post in February 2016. He also wants details such as price, model and ' running costs' of these vehicles.

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