• The declarant: “Zot dir pa al fer sinema ni montre kiken to bann injure”
  • The mother: “Mo pa dakor fason la poliss inn fer. Mo pou al de lavan »

During the past week, along with their mother, two young people lodged a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The mother expressed her disagreement with the police's approach. “Mo pa dakor fason la poliss inn fer. Mo pou al de lavan,” she said. According to her, her 20-year-old son was arrested by the Goodlands crime squad (CID), following an error in the identification of a suspect by the police.

The complainant relates that during the day of Friday May 10, he was working on a bus. And a CID team took him to the station. On the spot, the police allegedly attacked him with batons on his body. He said he was also attacked with a flashlight.

“My iron hand is nanyen, I don’t say my hand, I don’t put the handcuff on my blade. » Shortly after, the CID inspector called him into his office to tell him that his team had made a mistake in the identity of the person who was to be arrested.

Before being released, the young man said he was asked not to disclose what had happened. “Pa al fer sinema ni watch kiken to bann hurtir,” the police officer allegedly told him. In his complaint, he says he can identify the police officers in question.

The young man says the bloodhounds forced him to do jumps in the CID office. He continues that he was beaten on a table before being taken to the toilet.

The young man's mother, upon her arrival at the Goodlands station, learned that her two sons, including a minor, had been arrested. She says the police explained to her that her sons were “safe” with them. But a medical examination at the hospital revealed that her 20-year-old son has injuries to his ear and arm, among other things.

She denounces the way the police act. She relates that the Goodlands CID police officers then explained to her that they had made a mistake in identification. The young man received treatment at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital. He had a cast on his arm and bruises on his body.

We requested the police version on Sunday evening. Inspector Shiva Coothen, from the police's Public Relations Office, said the investigation should be left to the IPCC.

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