A real headache for investigators from the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) since yesterday, after the confession of Bianca Perrine's partner. The latter, aged 26, has been missing since August 2023 in Quatre-Bornes. During his interrogation, the partner confessed to having killed the young woman before burying her on wasteland in La Source. Since yesterday, investigators have been carrying out searches in these places. This morning, elements of the Special Mobile Force came to the site with an excavator.

However, no traces of human remains have been discovered. However, the officers got their hands on a handbag, suspected of belonging to Bianca Perrine. Despite the partner's confession, the mystery remains unsolved.

Investigators are working hard to find the human remains and continue this investigation. The location indicated by Bianca Perrine's partner is placed under police guard until the search resumes next Monday.

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