• Research into the location where the body was buried will resume this week

Who is telling the truth in this matter? As more arrests have been made, the mystery deepens around the disturbing disappearance of Bianca Perrine, a 23-year-old sex worker who operated in the Quatre-Bornes area and who has since vanished into thin air. August 2023.

Three men were apprehended by the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) at the end of last week, after several months of investigation. Among them, a certain Jikesh Sharma Mohit, 32, who confessed to his participation in the alleged murder of the young woman and who incriminated a man named Rimal Kumar Khoorbhoor: “Rimal inn tir manze madam la. »

The first suspect to be arrested was none other than John Marandel, the one with whom Bianca Perrine then shared her life. It was this 29-year-old man who reported his disappearance to the police in August 2023. Questioned since the start of the investigations as a witness, he ended up being placed under arrest, by the MCIT, at middle of the past week, after confessing. He was provisionally charged with murder.

During his interrogation, he declared having killed the young woman before burying her on wasteland in La Source, in the Quatre-Bornes region. Research was then initiated. The suspect even participated in a reconstruction to indicate the place where he said he buried her. But no corpses or human remains were found. The search, which continued, is expected to resume this week.

Jikesh Sharma Mohit participated in a reenactment at La Source. He led the men of Superintendent of Police Vikash Seebaruth to this ground. However, no body has been found so far. On the other hand, the searches made it possible to discover, on Friday afternoon, a handbag which belonged to the young woman. “Sak la pou Bianca mem sa,” Jikesh Sharma Mohit told investigators. The Western Division Scene of Crime Office, which discovered the item, placed it under seal in an attempt to collect DNA from it for analysis.

Investigators are determined to find more evidence. But with the developments that have occurred since Thursday June 20, 2024, the MCIT is convinced that it is on a concrete path. With the discovery of the bag, she believes she is on the right track. Investigators are convinced that the body was hidden there.

The MCIT explores several hypotheses. One of them would be that Bianca Perrine was the victim of a settling of scores in August 2023 after a case of jewelry theft perpetrated on one of her clients in November 2022.

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