Air Mauritius held its Annual General Meeting on Monday afternoon in Port-Louis. During this meeting, the assembly ratified Charles Cartier as Chief Executive Officer and reappointed the 13 other members of the Board of Directors of the organisation. The annual report will also be submitted towards the end of September.

The Annual General Meeting (AGE) of the national airline took place in a rather good-natured atmosphere on Monday afternoon. Minority shareholders, including Raj Ramlugun, were present. The appointment of Charles Cartier as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Mauritius was ratified. The latter was appointed on March 6.

Marday Venkatasamy, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, was also reappointed. So were Peter Anthony Davies, Surendra Teeluck, Nayen Kumar Ballah, Jitendra Nathsingh Bissessur, Arvind Parmessur Bundhun, Azim Fakhruddin Currimjee, Goolabchund Goburdhun, James Harold Mayer, Ammanah Ragavoodoo, Muhammad Yoosuf Salemohamed, Philippe Maxime Sauzier and Kantabye Babajee, who were reappointed to their respective positions.

Annual Report

Furthermore, it is reported that MK's annual report will be presented by the end of September at a special general meeting at the Air Mauritius headquarters in Port-Louis. “Over the last two financial years, the meeting approved the annual balance sheets for four different years. The balance sheet for the financial year 2023-2024 will be presented on this occasion, in accordance with the rules in force,” it was specified.

Asked for a statement, Air Mauritius spokesperson Atma Bumma said: “The meeting followed the established agenda and ratified the appointment of Charles Cartier as CEO and the confirmation of Marday Venkatasamy as Chairman of the Board, as well as the other members.”

Head of Ground Operations suspended

The Head of Ground Operations was suspended from his duties last week. The officer has around 30 years of experience within the company. His suspension comes almost two months after that of the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Laurent Recoura. The latter, let us recall, was suspended from his duties on May 22.

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