For more than a year, a resident of Goodlands has allegedly trapped around twenty people, mainly women. She reportedly has around ten accounts on social networks, such as Facebook.

And it would offer fashion items under the brands Dream Fashion, Green Fashion, Fashion Hub, Sweetgurl Arfa, Princess Alinah, among others. She allegedly threatened customers who reported her on platforms like and scammers Mauritius.

The Cybercrime Unit has opened an investigation into the actions of this woman and her modus operandi. She allegedly attracted customers by offering attractive deals on clothing and accessories. She allegedly asked them for a deposit to reserve their items. Then, the customers would have received used clothes or nothing at all. When customers try to complain or get their money back, the saleswoman threatens them.

Testimony of Sharon Raïna Adeenaden

Sharon Raïna Adeenaden, the victim.
Sharon Raïna Adeenaden, the victim.

Sharon Raïna Adeenaden, 36 years old, mother of three children, is one of this Internet user's clients. She filed a fraud complaint on Wednesday June 19 and gave a statement to the Central Criminal Investigation Department. She provided information regarding the accused person and produced several screenshots of a series of threats from him. She also provided screenshots of fake profiles created by the woman in question. She even used his photo despite her illness. She has thymoma, the benign form of thymus cancer, and is fighting her disease.

In February 2023, she purchased two items of clothing for the sum of Rs 3,400. After paying this amount via Juice, she would not have received anything. When she tried to contact the pseudo-saleswoman, the latter allegedly reacted violently. She allegedly threatened her. She allegedly claimed she knew the place where she works. She allegedly threatened to attack him with acid. She also allegedly claimed that she knew which school her children attend and where her husband works.
“She told me no one could do anything to her. She added that I was going to die in India during my treatment,” says Sharon Raïna Adeenaden. There are reportedly several posts about this person on

The accused woman would use personal information to terrorize her prey. Several women reported that she harassed them over the phone. They reportedly received death threats and defamatory attacks.

Suhayla, a mother who lives in Midlands, plans to go to the police to file a complaint. She explains that she saw an ad on Facebook on June 1, 2024. Sweetgurl Arfa offered a Family Combo consisting of four items of clothing for women, children and men at Rs 2,600.

She felt it was a good deal for the Eid ul-Adha festival. She bought two Family Combo for Rs 5,200. The pseudo-saleswoman offered her a discount and she paid Rs 4,950. The Internet user then contacted her by WhatsApp to tell her that she would post the order the day after.

“She led me on and gave me all kinds of excuses. She even sent me a tracking ticket from the post office to make me believe she had already mailed the package. At the post office, I was told that it was an old ticket from a very long time ago,” says Suhayla.

Subsequently, Suhayla came across warnings about this account being considered a scammer. Just like Rayna, she posted a comment on to denounce this affair. The pseudo-saleswoman allegedly insulted and threatened her. “She called me and threatened me. She stole my money and then tried to make herself look like a victim. The police must arrest him. We know her identity, she is a resident of Goodlands,” says Suhayla.

Sharon Raïna Adeenaden explains that she must overcome the stress and anxiety caused by the threats of the pseudo-saleswoman.

Money refunded

We requested a reaction from the woman who is accused of fraud by Internet users. She denies these allegations and explains that she has to create a new account every time her account is flagged as a scam. Therefore, she has multiple accounts. She remained very evasive about the accusation of having taken money without subsequently delivering the goods. She claims that she has repaid the money. She says she never threatened anyone.

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