Yedhisteer Sookhee, a key link allegedly involved in the cultivation and distribution of cannabis herb, has been arrested. Based on specific information obtained after a Field Intelligence exercise, the ADSU Flying Squad, led by Assistant Superintendent Bahadoor, struck hard on the evening of Friday, July 5. Around 8 p.m., the police arrived at 16, Avenue Stanley, Quatre-Bornes. They suspected the presence of a large quantity of cannabis herb in a house located at this address.

Indeed, armed with a search warrant, the investigators saw their suspicions confirmed by proceeding inside. First, the sleuths discovered the presence of 13 cannabis plants planted in the ground and enhanced with fertilizers. These plants, measuring between 20 centimeters and 1 meter 30, were grown in plastic buckets inside this house. Equipment for indoor growing was also found, including an electric fan used for better ventilation of these plants as well as a lighting system to compensate for the lack of natural light and ensure their optimal growth throughout the process.

That's not all. The police, while continuing their search, made a more surprising discovery after detecting a strong smell of cannabis lingering in this house. A bed sheet appeared suspicious, particularly in terms of its weight and its four knotted ends. The police opened it and very quickly, the can of worms was discovered. This sheet contained a large quantity of cannabis herb already harvested and ready to be sold to gandia consumers.

The cannabis plants and the sheet were seized. The occupant of this house, a 34-year-old businessman, Yedhisteer Sookhee, was handcuffed on the spot. He was taken to the Central Barracks. On site, the sleuths weighed him. The sheet contained 5.1 kilos of cannabis and the 13 plants indicated a net weight of 2.5 kilos. The market value of this large quantity of seized drugs is estimated at Rs 6.1 million.

On Saturday, the alleged trafficker of these cannabis herbs was provisionally charged with “Drug Dealing: Possession Of Cannabis With An Averment Of Trafficking” before the Port-Louis court. This Monday, he will appear again before the Rose-Hill court and subsequently, he will have to explain to investigators the reasons for the presence of this drug at his home. The sleuths suspect him of being an important pawn in supplying various points of sale in Rose-Hill and Beau-Bassin, but also in the West. The investigation by the anti-drug squad is ongoing.

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