• He was hiding in Beaux-Songes

He had been playing cat and mouse with the police for ten days. But on Tuesday, June 11, following specific information gathered by the Force Crime Intelligence Unit (FCIU), under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mooniaruth and the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit (DCIU) of Western Division, Felice Clarel Sunee, 29, aka Jordan, was arrested.

It was on an abandoned plot of land in the Beaux-Songes region, in the west of the country, that the suspect was spotted in a hiding place before being arrested at midday on Tuesday. Felice Clarel Sunee explained that he had been hiding there since he fled after committing the murder. After his arrest, he was handed over to the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) for investigation. This Thursday, June 12, he will be presented before the Bambous court for his provisional indictment of murder.

It was on the night of Thursday to Friday May 31 that Wilfrid Marzello Baillache was killed by strangulation, during an argument with Felice Clarel Sunee. On Tuesday, the interrogation of the 29-year-old suspect by the MCIT began. In a first hearing, in front of the men of Superintendent of Police (SP) Heman Dass Ghoora, he confessed to being the author of the murder of Wilfrid Baillache. The suspect had already been identified and denounced by the victim's companion, Jan Cornelis Jansen, a Dutch national, a survivor in the case. Injured, the latter was admitted to hospital.

Felice Clarel Sunee will have to provide details on the exact circumstances behind the tragedy. The police favor the theory that the 29-year-old man would not have appreciated the propositions of the homosexual couple during the evening of Thursday, May 30. It was the companion who survived this attack who alerted the private security service by pressing an emergency button. Arriving on site, security agents discovered the incident and alerted the police.

According to Cornelis Jansen, a witness to the scene, Felice Clarel had been invited by the couple for an evening of threesomes and drinking. But things turned sour. The deceased's companion maintains that the attacker showed up at their home with a bathrobe belt in his possession. A heated argument broke out after Felice Clarel demanded money and jewelry from them. He strangled Wilfrid Marzello Baillache with the belt, after throwing him to the ground. Cornelis Jansen claims to have also been attacked by the alleged murderer, who then left the scene in their car, which he abandoned a few blocks away.

Theft of jewelry from the victim: a couple arrested

A couple, jewelers by profession and residing in Bambous, were arrested Tuesday by the FCIU in the investigation into the death of Wilfrid Baillache. They are suspected of having purchased the jewelry stolen from the victim with Felice Clarel Sunee, the alleged murderer. During his interrogation, the latter admitted to investigators that he was the author of a theft that occurred in Flic-en-Flac where he left with loot of 1.5 million.

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