Fardeen Okeeb is talking about him again. This resident of Petit-Raffray, in Goodlands, never stops collecting stupid things. This time he is behind bars for arson. Following a family dispute, he allegedly set fire to a relative's house. At the time of his arrest, the suspect had in his possession an imitation firearm, a police tonfa and a balaclava. He made a confession.

Around 11:40 a.m., Goodlands police were alerted that a house was engulfed in flames in Petit-Raffray. The firefighters were called and they were able to bring the fire under control. However, the house was completely destroyed. Furniture and electrical appliances were all damaged by the fire. There were no injuries, fortunately. Investigations allowed the police to establish that this fire was not accidental.

Indeed, the sleuths of the Field Intelligence Unit and those of the Criminal Intelligence Force (FCIU) learned that an individual was prowling around the house a little earlier. He had a gun and wore a balaclava. The identity of the suspect was confirmed shortly after. It was Fardeen Okeeb, 41, known to the police. The suspect was apprehended by FCIU bloodhounds.

He was questioned about the house fire and reportedly made a confession. “Mo mem kinn puts dife in his lakaz la misie. My family and my family have no problem,” he would have explained. The police searched the house in his presence. They found a plastic gun, a balaclava and a Mauritius Police Force tonfa under his bed. He did not give an explanation as to their origin. He was taken to the Goodlands Crime Branch offices. He indicated that he would explain himself later in this matter. “Mo la tet fatigue aster la,” he said. He responded to a provisional charge of arson before the Pamplemousses court on Thursday June 13. The police having objected to his release, he is in custody.

Fardeen Okeeb became known in 2020 following a video on social media in which he made sectarian comments. He had been arrested and had been involved in a score-settling. In 2021, a group of individuals kidnapped, beat and stripped him. They filmed him demanding an apology for his inappropriate comments. The Central Criminal Investigation Department initiated an investigation following these incidents and there were a series of arrests

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