Stecy, 25, of Cité Briquetterie, Sainte-Croix, reported to police a violent assault perpetrated by her ex-boyfriend, Lorenzo, 24, of Cité Mère-Theresa, Triolet. The incident occurred on Friday, June 28, 2024.

According to Stecy, Lorenzo called her, saying he wanted to talk and inviting her to dinner.

“Tell me why I'm not being mean, you'd rather come with me and we'll be okay. I know his character and I accept it,” she said.

At 7:30 p.m., Lorenzo arrived by car. He forced Stecy into the car and locked the doors. He then violently beat her in the face, hands and back, before driving to the Riche-Terre cemetery, where he attacked her with a box cutter. Stecy tried to protect herself, but was bitten on the hands.

Stecy explains that she met Lorenzo on Facebook over a year ago. They were dating, but she ended the relationship because of his violent nature. “He hits me in the eyes, he hurts me. He's a possessive, jealous person. To tell me he stops us the same,” she says.

On June 28, without a phone to call for help, Stecy said she was beaten and tortured for three hours. “I was bleeding a little and he beat me well and took me to Triolet. He told me today that you can't get out alive. I can stir you and stir me,” she said.

Eventually, she said, Lorenzo calmed down and allowed her to call his parents under threat. “Tell him I agree, go and get you, just tell your parents we'll get in a car accident, hurt them. I agree and he drops me off, just me.”

Her parents accompanied her to the police station to file a complaint. Stecy was treated at the SSRN hospital, receiving a Form 58. The bruises on her body are evidence of the violence she suffered.

Abercrombie police arrested Lorenzo on Wednesday, July 3. He was released on bail of Rs 5,000 and a debt of Rs 25,000. He must report to the Triolet police station every Saturday.

Stecy believes the law is too lenient. “I don't believe in justice for women in this country. She should be put in prison and when she's done, I'll have to ask the law to act? Like a person who has been tortured, like that, he didn't even go to jail. What is the law for women in this country?” she wonders.

Reshad Toorab

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