• A sum of Rs 40,000 taken away by François: “Si mo ti fer rezistans, zot ti kapav koup mo likou”

On the outskirts of Place de l'Immigration (North Station), in Port-Louis, a few meters from the Trou-Fanfaron police station, women walk the sidewalk in search of a customer. If they exercise the oldest profession in the world in full view of everyone, three of these girls of joy are also the subject of an investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division of Port Louis North. Motive: an assault and theft with violence committed, with the help of an accomplice, on a 63-year-old entrepreneur. A sum of Rs 40,000 was stolen during this attack. Narrative…

François (first name changed), aged 63, will not soon forget his misadventure at the hands of these thugs. On the morning of Wednesday June 5, this entrepreneur engaged in catering arrived in Port Louis with a large sum of money (Rs 40,000) to stock up on the central market. Along the way, he is asked by one of these girls for some fun at a boarding school located near the bus station. He accepts for a sum of Rs 1,500.

The two go to the agreed location and after having a good time, the pensioner and the prostitute go their separate ways. François then heads towards Farquhar Street without suspecting the trap he had run headlong into. A few meters further on, at the corner of Farquhar and Emmanuel Anquetil streets, three other girls approach him, obviously aware that François has a large sum of money in his possession.

Without warning, they pounce on the entrepreneur and demand that he give them all the money he has on him. Surprised, François doesn't know what to do. The three women are then joined by a man who attacks him in turn. “Misie-la inn apiy mo likou par deryer. Ek enn lame linn blok mwa, ek lot lame linn fouy mo pos. An mem tan, bann fam-la inn ras mo sakos. Ti ena Rs 24,500 ladan,” François tells Défi Plus.

The attacker stole Rs 14,500 from him, and from the girls, the Rs 24,500 which was in the bag. Their crime committed, the four individuals take the key to the fields, abandoning François in shock. They head towards the Renaissance bus stop in Plaine-Verte to share the loot. The women each received Rs 6,000, and the man, the rest of the loot. A sum of money was also used to purchase a gram of heroin worth Rs 12,000 for their consumption. The victim then went to the police to report this violent theft. “If we don’t resist, we can’t do anything,” adds François, still in shock.

Responsible for this investigation, the sleuths of the Criminal Investigation Division of Port Louis North, led by Inspector Lullith, were able to arrest two of the four attackers this week. These are two women who, during their interrogation, confessed to their crime. They are on file with the courts.

The other two suspects are actively sought. It was also established that the girl of joy, with whom François had spent quality time before the attack, was not involved in this case of violent theft. However, she was arrested by the Trou-Fanfaron police officers for the offense of “Soliciting Male For Immoral Purposes”.

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