Scheduled for today in Parliament, the “Political Financing Bill” is not unanimous. The question of whether the opposition will support the bill was asked on the show “Au Cœur de l'Info” on Monday, July 1, with guests Mélanie Duval and Patrick Hilbert.

Members of the majority, including Deputy Prime Minister Steven Obeegadoo and Minister Alan Ganoo are calling on the opposition to vote in favour of the bill. However, for the opposition, this bill cannot be presented on the eve of the elections. “This is exactly what happened in 2019 and we will vote against it. There was no consultation. Just like the opposition said in 2019, there should have been a ‘Select Committee’ and this time again, it will be the same,” underlines Khushal Lobine, MP representing New Democrats. The latter specifies, however, that “no one is against reviewing the law in order to have more clarity in the way elections are financed. We are all in favour of a better system, but not under the current conditions.”

Dev Sunnasy of Linion Moris agrees. He believes that this bill is being imposed by the government, without debate or consensus. “When you touch on such a sensitive aspect of democracy, you expect a debate. You cannot accept this law as it is,” he points out. For him, without a public debate with academics, university professors, associations and political parties, this bill cannot be approved.

Speaking by phone, former minister and observer Anil Gayan points out that the debate over a bill on how money is paid to political parties is not new. “In any self-respecting democracy, there must be a law on the financing of political parties. We have been talking about it since 2000 and there were plans to make reforms so that the financing of political parties becomes transparent. However, until now, this has not been possible due to numerous obstacles,” he explains. Anil Gayan insists that with the current system, there is opacity around the financing of political parties, which does not encourage candidates to be on the same “level playing field”.

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