A 54-year-old English tourist was attacked by a man on a bicycle in Grand-Gaube on May 31, 2024, the day he arrived in Mauritius. He was robbed of Rs 75,000 and his iPhone 13. The fifty-year-old, although physically unharmed, remains in a state of shock. The police are actively searching for his attacker.

What was initially supposed to be a wonderful holiday turned into a nightmare for a 54-year-old English tourist. He was attacked in the middle of the street in Grand-Gaube by an unknown person on a bicycle on May 31, 2024, the same day of his arrival on the island. The latter robbed him of the Rs 75,000 he had in his possession and his iPhone 13 before fleeing. The loot taken is estimated at Rs 145,000. The tourist was not injured, but he is still in a state of shock.

It was in a hotel in Grand-Gaube that he put his bags down on May 31. Around 6 p.m., he decided to go out for a walk in the locality. He was alone. He then took a path to head towards Roche-Terre. But while he was admiring the scenery, a stranger on a bicycle wearing a cap came towards him.

Once he reached the vacationer, he stopped. He struck up a conversation with the Englishman, ending up asking him for a cigarette and a fire. Not suspecting anything, the tourist, in a friendly gesture, took out a box to give him a cigarette, as well as his lighter.

However, it was only a ruse. The stranger immediately took out a knife that he had hidden under his clothes before placing it under the tourist's throat. He then demanded all the money he had on him.

He searched his pockets and took the Rs 75,000, in denominations, that the foreign national had, as well as the iPhone 13. Once his crime was committed, the assailant fled towards the cemetery of Grand- Gaube. The tourist went to the police station. The attacker is actively sought.

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