• Rs 1 million in foreign currency found in possession of alleged mastermind

The quartet arrested for attempting to import zamal (cannabis from Réunion) by sea on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, has confessed. It was indeed Louis Charles Andy Toolsee and his son Louis Yan Megan, 21, Jean Ricardo Westley Mars, and Louis Stephano Marjolin, known as Fano, who damaged a camera of the SafeCity device covering the public beach of Pointe-aux-Sables, in order to facilitate the unloading of the cargo from Réunion.

In early July, an investigation began after a SafeCity surveillance camera that films movement on the public beach in Pointe-aux-Sables was damaged. The camera was taken out of service after its electrical cables were cut and paint was placed on the lens.

Fano Marjolin, the brain, had in his possession
Rs 1 million in foreign currency.

Three individuals driving an all-terrain vehicle with a hidden license plate were spotted. Even then, investigators suspected a link to possible drug trafficking in the waters of Pointe-aux-Sables. Finally, on Wednesday, July 10, investigators from the Force Crime Intelligence Unit (FCIU) confirmed their suspicions. Questioned by investigators, the quartet confirmed that they had damaged the SafeCity camera in early July, explaining that they planned to unload their cargo of zamal at Pointe-aux-Sables beach before hiding it in a cache.

This gang of alleged drug traffickers had planned to set sail on Tuesday, July 9 to import a large shipment of zamal when their plans were foiled by Inspector Mohes' squad from the Force Crime Intelligence Unit (FCIU), under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent Mooniaruth. Off Montagne Jacquot, in Pointe-aux-Sables, skipper Louis Charles Andy Toolsee, at the helm of the boat “Brothers Fishing”, was intercepted by investigators from the Maritime Intelligence Cell of the National Coast Guard. During a search on board, the presence of 16 jerrycans containing 1,000 liters of fuel and boat engine oils was discovered. The sleuths also discovered food and bottles of water. They strongly suspect a drug supply mission to Reunion Island.

Bombarded with questions by the FCIU police, the skipper Andy Toolsee, domiciled in Belle-Mare, cracked and revealed that he was at sea for the purpose of importing drugs: “Mo pe atan larzan e coordone GPS pou al rod zamal la Renion.” The skipper was arrested.

The police continued their investigations. Armed with precise information, they landed in Petit-Verger, Pointe-aux-Sables, where they intercepted a Nissan Qashqai car. On board were two people suspected of being in cahoots with the skipper. The duo, Jean Ricardo Westley Mars, aged 47, from Pointe-aux-Sables, and Louis Stephano Marjolin, aged 45, living at Résidence La Cure, were arrested. During a search of Louis Stephano Marjolin, a mason by profession, the sum of 19,345 euros, estimated at Rs 1 million, was discovered.

During his interrogation, Louis Stephano Marjolin conceded that he was the mastermind of this network of alleged drug importers: “Mo pe amenn sa larzan-la pou al aste zamal.” He also admitted to being in collusion with the skipper arrested a little earlier: “Mo ti pe al zwenn Andy Toolsee pou nou al la Renion par bato azordi.”

The skipper's son, Louis Yan Megan Toolsee, 21, who was also supposed to take part in this inter-island crossing, is in custody. He also confirms that his father and these individuals are allegedly involved in a case of attempted large-scale drug importation: “Mo ti pou akonpagn mo papa e Fano Marjolin dan bato pou aste zamal.”

This Wednesday, the four suspects were provisionally charged with “Conspiracy To Import Dangerous Drugs” before the Port-Louis court. The accused Stephano Marjolin also faces a provisional charge of money laundering. On the orders of the police commissioner, the anti-drug squad took over this investigation.

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