The roads have proven deadly at the beginning of the month. In the space of six days, four more people, including Christophe Ivane Villars, 31, Poomantee Dusoo, 62, and Jayraj Govind, 61, have lost their lives in accidents. The fourth victim, hit on the highway in Riche-Terre on Tuesday evening, has not yet been identified. A toll that brings to 71 the number of victims of fatal accidents since the beginning of the year.

Fatal road accident for Ivane Villars – “Mo pou mor avan twa”: her last words to her grandmother

Ivane Villars went off the road on Monday.

Father of an eight-year-old boy, Christophe Ivane Villars, 31, will not have the chance to see him grow up. This resident of Résidence Argy, known for his kindness, his good humor and his sense of mutual aid, left the road in Argy, Monday afternoon, while returning home. A firefighter at the Flacq barracks, he did not survive the impact, which was of rare violence.

His aunt Jenna is still in shock. “I was the first family member to go there when I heard he had been in an accident. But once I got there, I was shocked. I didn’t expect to find out like this,” she says.

Nadette, 65, Christophe Ivane Villars' maternal grandmother, is inconsolable. She suffers from cancer and her grandson was constantly at her bedside. “He rubbed my feet, prepared food for me, cleaned for me. He told me that I just had to rest,” she says with tears in her eyes.

Her grandson came to see her every day. The last conversation she had with Ivane left a deep impression on her. “The day of his accident, I had an appointment with the doctor for treatment at 4 p.m. He was on leave and had come to see me a little earlier. We talked a lot. He was going to Flacq. He was supposed to come back to take me to the doctor,” the sixty-year-old recalls. “I told me ‘Adette, we are ale’. I told him ‘I will not go to bed, I will eat it’. I told him ‘I will eat it’. I told him ‘I will eat it’. I will eat it’,” she recounts. Then he went out. After this tragedy, remembering his words, Nadette broke down in tears. “He predicted his death,” she said, her voice tight with emotion.

The identity of the pedestrian knocked down in Riche-Terre remains unknown

Terre-Rouge police are continuing their investigation to confirm the identity of the man who was fatally knocked down on the highway in Riche-Terre on Tuesday evening. The man was walking zigzagging on the roadway. Several vehicles heading towards the capital were able to avoid him. But a car ended up hitting him, throwing him several metres onto the asphalt. Once on the scene, the emergency services could only confirm his death. The victim had no identity card on him. The driver of the car was taken to a clinic for treatment. He was admitted while awaiting indictment for involuntary manslaughter.

Jayraj Govind dies in van collision – Sharmila: 'After my husband's death, my father looked after me'

Jayraj Govind was preparing for his granddaughter's engagement.

The Govind family in Dubreuil is also facing a terrible tragedy. On Thursday, July 4, Jayraj, 62, was out on his motorcycle to go to work in Wooton. On the way, tragedy struck. While on La Chartreuse Road in Dubreuil, the father collided with a van that was parked on the left side of the road. By the time paramedics arrived, he had already breathed his last.

His sudden passing leaves a huge void. His two sons, his daughter and his wife are devastated. Sharmila, his daughter, cannot hide the pain that afflicts her. In three years, this is the second tragedy to shake the family. “Three years ago, I lost my husband,” she confides. Despite this painful loss, she knew that she could always count on her father. “When I became a widow, it was my father who looked after me and my four children,” she says with a heavy heart.

At 62, Jayraj was still working. “He was working as a security guard,” she says. He was helping his daughter prepare for her granddaughter’s engagement. “My daughter was to get engaged this Saturday (July 6). On Thursday, my father spent the whole day with her and my other children. They went shopping and had lunch together. It was a lovely day. Then, when my father got home, he rested and in the evening, he got ready for his night shift. We were to continue the preparations on Friday, and he had taken the day off to spend the day together,” she says. No one could have imagined that instead of the engagement, they would be attending a funeral.

“He was a caring father and a very popular man in the area. A part of me has gone,” Sharmila revealed. The victim's funeral was held on Friday afternoon.

Poomantee Dusoo dies after two weeks in hospital – Arvin: “My mother was my queen…”

Poomantee Dusoo was known for her zest for life.

The relatives of Poomantee Dusoo, 62, also known as Anita, remained hopeful that she would survive, but fate had other plans. On June 17, while returning from a wedding with her son, their car violently left the road in Belle-Rive. The vehicle ended up against a pole. The sixty-year-old mother of two sons, who suffered serious spinal injuries, ended up in intensive care at Victoria Hospital in Candos. On the night of July 4, she succumbed to her injuries.

In Melrose, at the victim's home, her sons and husband are devastated. Arvin, her youngest son, speaks of a woman with a big heart and always smiling. “My mother cared about her family. Last year, our father fell ill and it was my mother who took care of him. She always kept smiling,” he says. A very strong bond united mother and son. “She was my queen, my right-hand woman. I work in events and she helped me a lot in my work. Even my friends knew her. They called her 'tantinn', 'chachi'…”

Poomantee Dusoo had a simplicity and a joy of life. The young man reveals that whenever there was a family event, his mother liked to dress up. “She loved to wear beautiful clothes.” On June 17, she had gotten ready to go to the wedding of one of her nieces. “It's not often that we celebrate such events in the family. That day, she was happy to go. My father, because of his fragile health, preferred to stay at home,” he relates.

Arvin went to the wedding with his mother and a cousin. But in the evening, as they were returning home, they had this terrible accident in Belle-Rive. Since then, the family's daily life has been turned upside down. “We went to the hospital every day to see my mother. It was hard. We were surprised to see her all smiles and talking to everyone on the fourth day of her admission. She was asking about us all, while she herself was hospitalized. We thought she would pull through,” says Arvin, who remained hopeful of seeing her back on her feet.

But as the days went by, her condition worsened until she could no longer speak. “We saw her die little by little…” Then, after more than two weeks, she died on Thursday, July 4, plunging her family into deep sadness.

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