Our unique planet EARTH is subject to serious threats to life: CLIMATE CHANGE, WARMING of the climate, seas and atmosphere, rising sea levels. Caused largely by human activities, especially the use in a very short period (geologically speaking) of 300 years (1700-2024) of fossil carbon accumulated during the Permian era (290-65 million years ago). Forest fires, floods, droughts, heat above 50 degrees, freezing winters, frequent cyclones of very strong intensity, tsunamis: these imbalances of the Planet DEMAND CONCERTED ACTIONS, AND IMMEDIATE FOLLOW-UPS FROM ALL COUNTRIES AND ALL CITIZENS!

So, a CALL for NEW SOLIDARITY between the 8.1 billion of us to survive.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, we continue to massacre other humans! In Ukraine, Gaza, Sudan, among others.

SUDAN: As we write, Sudan is a hell on Earth. Armed forces are raping and slaughtering men and women by the thousands. Child soldiers are dying in combat and mass graves litter the desert.
The capital of Darfur is under siege, and nearly a million refugees are trapped. It is an open tomb. These unspeakable atrocities are taking place in deafening silence. Sudan has cut off the Internet, arrested journalists on the ground, and closed its borders to foreign reporters. The result: almost no media coverage and diplomatic pressure.

GAZA: Many groups and countries have in the past fought for their Independence and freedom from colonialism and other forms of control (For example, India's Independence from the British Empire, a battle fought without violence by Gandhi and Nehru, Kenya's, led by Jomo Kenyatta, South Africa's led by Nelson Mandela against the rule of Apartheid, etc.).

Now, recognizing the struggle of the Palestinian people for their independence from Israel, to exist side by side with the Israeli state. Since October 7, 2023, in 9 months, 37,000 Palestinians and about 1,200 Israelis have been killed. And the destruction of homes, hospitals, schools and especially the distribution of food leading 1.2 million Gazans close to starvation.

A HOLOCAUST is happening before our eyes. In 1940, no one knew what Hitler was doing and 6 million people, mostly Jews, but also Gypsies and Catholics, were murdered in a genocide. Today, in 2024, the whole world knows and sees an ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

The world must come together and stop this terrible war crime, already recognized and confirmed by the International Criminal Court (ICC). We call for the immediate return of Israeli hostages, the release of Palestinians from Israeli prisons and an immediate ceasefire, with the reconstruction of Gaza.


There is no justification for aggression against an independent country, whether a member of the United Nations, by another neighbor or not. Let us totally condemn war as a tool of political action.

We invite Presidents Vladimir and Volodymyr to meet and open negotiations (with China, the United Nations, the European Union as facilitators if necessary). On the basis of acceptance of the Independent State of Ukraine, and to allay the fears of the Russians, conduct a referendum among the inhabitants of Donbass, southern Ukraine and Crimea for their choice to remain part of Ukraine OR to become part of the Russian Republic OR to become an independent state, according to the United Nations Charter for Self-Determination of Peoples.




The entire international community, so we, the 192 member states of the UNITED NATIONS, must mobilize to stop these massacres. Consultations between the parties, complete ceasefire and agreements on both sides, settlement of differences through dialogue and if necessary by arbitration, zero use of violence, weapons, missiles. Constitution and immediate meeting of groups of facilitator countries to hold and arbitrate discussions. Between Presidents Vladimir and Volodymyr for Ukraine. Between PM Netanyahu and Hamas leaders for Gaza, where genocide is taking place and famine has set in. Between army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and rebel leader Mohamed Hamdan Dogolo before the destruction of Sudan.


Stopping the use of fossil fuels (turning entirely to solar, wind, bioenergy and other renewables, effectively protecting the lungs of the planet (especially the Amazon), massive reforestation and a radical change in our lifestyles for an ecology in phase with nature. We, the scientists, have already identified the causes and the corrective actions essential for the survival of life on EARTH. Our annual COP meetings have identified these necessary actions, but implemented at no more than 15 to 25% at most, totally insufficient.

STABILITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. No room or possibility for unlimited growth, whether 2% or 20% per year. For the path of unlimited growth, we will need, as those scientists said at the time, a 'second planet'!

ACTIONS. Identify and master these methods, among others, to manage conflicts: Educate politicians, student citizens in conflict prevention; preserve the environment and produce (food, basic goods) to avoid the conflict of how to live how to survive; Reform economic and social relations to preserve peace; use the diplomatic channel to manage conflicts, a total NO to the use of guns, missiles and bombs to “manage” (rather extend) conflicts.

Dr. Michael ATCHIA

(Program Director at the United Nations;

This July 3, 2024.

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