During the day of Tuesday June 11, 2024, Nadhir Khodabux, aged 38, became a prisoner at the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT), in the company of his lawyer. This concerns his presence on the scene during the violent brawl which broke out on May 3 at the Camp-Yoloff roundabout between the Bacsoo gang and the Terre-Rouge gang.

After his hearing, the thirty-year-old was released on parole. He will have to go again to the Central Barracks this Wednesday, June 12, 2024. He will be brought before the courts for his provisional indictment for criminal association. The MCIT, in charge of the investigation, had been seeking to obtain its version for a while.

But his state of health did not allow it since he had been injured during the brawl. He had to be hospitalized. He had also undergone surgery. It was his father, Goolam Khodabux, who died after being attacked during this bloody brawl. The scene was captured by Safe City network cameras. This allowed investigators to confirm the presence of the thirty-year-old on the scene that day. On the other hand, they also established that Nadhir Khodabux did not, at any time, assault anyone. As soon as he got out of the car alongside his father, he was attacked with knives by his attackers.

Ikhelas Dilmamod, son-in-law of Goolam Khodabux, was also spotted at the scene. Dante Begue, who is part of the Terre-Rouge clan, was arrested on June 3. He is also the subject of a provisional charge of criminal association.

The next step for Nadhir Khodabux will be to identify his attackers, including Sharaad Usamah Kurmally and Nadhir Khan Chetty. As part of the investigation, Issa Bacsoo, Meraj Bageerutty, Nawfar Kodabuckus, Nasif Hossenbuccus, Sharaad Usamah Kurmally, Kenwell Julien Marie, Nadhir Khan Chetty and Nadeem Bheekhun are behind bars. They all face a provisional charge of murder.

The fatal brawl would have been the backdrop of a clash that occurred in Karo Kalyptis, Roche-Bois. One of the members of Issa Bacsoo's gang was allegedly attacked and his cell phone requisitioned. Goolam Khodabux's gang would then have gone to a meeting at the Camp-Yoloff roundabout in order to return this cell phone. It would be at this time that the situation would have escalated between the two gangs.

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