• The body of the 67-year-old man, missing since Wednesday, had to be airlifted

Perilous operation by the Helicopter Squadron on the morning of Thursday June 20, 2024. The lifeless body of a 67-year-old man, missing since Wednesday evening in Vacoas, was airlifted. The victim apparently fell from the top of Sept-Cascades in Henrietta.

The Vacoas police have opened an investigation. At this stage, she favors the thesis of a voluntary fall. The sixty-year-old would have left the family home on Wednesday evening. According to sleuths, he had been having problems with those close to him for some time. It was the latter who reported his disappearance.

Information gathered on the ground led police to the scene. Law enforcement officers saw the sixty-year-old. His death was noted by a first intervention team. The Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) attended the scene.

Since the body was on the edge of a cliff, movement was very limited for rescuers. The Helicopter Squadron operation began in the early hours of Thursday. After several hours of flight, the Chetak helicopter, piloted by Assistant Superintendent of Police Boolaky, Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Police Chadeea, Sergeant Nundlool and Constable Marion, carried out a risky operation to airlift the sixty-year-old with the help from firefighters. The helicopter then headed to the Dr Jawaharlal-Nehru hospital in Rose-Belle to drop off the victim there.

In the meantime, firefighters, who had participated in the intervention, found themselves in difficulty as they went up the cliff. The Chetak helicopter had to return to the scene to rescue four MFRS soldiers. They are safe and sound.

According to information, they found themselves stuck going up the cliff. When they found themselves on a narrow edge, their movements were restricted. They had no choice but to alert their colleagues. “It was a very delicate operation with high-risk maneuvers that the Helicopter Squadron undertook to rescue our team,” said one of the survivors in a statement given to Défi Media Group.

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