The Central Electricity Board (CEB) has started negotiations with supermarkets and petrol stations to install electric charging stations across the country. This is part of the budget measure of “Prepaid Public Charging Stations” (smart chargers).

The CEB plans to deploy prepaid terminals in areas with a high concentration of electric vehicles. The body already has 3 schemes for electric vehicles.

To date, the number of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles on our roads stands at 2,327. According to the National Land Transport Authority (NLTA), the purchase of electric vehicles is experiencing sustained growth.

In addition, we learn that some dealers have a considerable waiting list for orders of electric cars, and they are preparing for the electric transition by expanding their range of models. This is what a CEB employee tells us.

The latter currently has three support plans for electric vehicles: the program for service providers offering a public charging service for electric vehicles, the program for charging electric vehicles by companies, and the photovoltaic solar panel program for charging electric vehicles.

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