• Atma Bumma rejects “toxic information” published in the international press

An article published on Wednesday on the Réunion La 1ère website returned to the delays, cancellations, poor passenger care and other internal conflicts currently underway within Air Mauritius. The article questioned the “crisis context” that is apparently shaking the airline. A question that is apparently “haunting” employees. The “repeated incidents” are discussed. As well as the breakdown of the A350 3BNBP that occurred on Monday, July 1, 2024 and the cancellation of the flight scheduled for the evening. Although the aircraft was able to take off on Tuesday morning, the incident, reports the online article, was widely covered by the specialized media that have been closely following the company since the appointment of Charles Cartier as CEO.

“More toxic information to harm Air Mauritius. Why this 'Air Mauritius bashing'? The financial situation of Air Mauritius is very healthy. Wait for the publication of the financial results in a few weeks, you will all be surprised,” says Atma Bumma, the spokesperson for Air Mauritius. He specifies that the airline has carried a record number of 1.6 million passengers.

Atma Bumma explains that the technical plans have been revised, as has the supply of spare parts. “We are working to strengthen the safety and reliability of flights. Travelers have nothing to fear. They are only detractors who circulate toxic false information to create unease in the country,” continues the spokesperson.

According to Atma Bumma, “the facts are disproportionate.” He points out that people are being led to believe that there are mass suspensions within Air Mauritius. “This is totally false! These are suspensions that are making noise because they concern people in important positions and whose functioning was problematic. The new CEO of Air Mauritius, Charles Cartier, brings serenity to employees. Some suspensions had even created a positive atmosphere. We are far from the toxic climate,” he adds.

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