The Career and Learning Lounge kicks off its fifth edition with an invitation to all those who aspire to explore a world of professional and educational opportunities. The event will be held at the Caudan Arts Centre on July 5 and 6 from 10 am to 5 pm. Admission is free and the venue is easily accessible by metro.

Designed as a dynamic platform, the fair facilitates exchanges between young people and influential players from the academic and professional world. Exhibitors, meticulously selected for their expertise in education, career prospects and scholarships, come from various academic institutions and companies. This variety ensures that visitors have access to relevant information tailored to their specific interests.

The fair welcomes a diverse audience, from aspiring students exploring higher education options to professionals seeking new career opportunities. All profiles, regardless of their background and experience levels, are welcome. The fair is committed to providing information tailored to different stages of professional and educational life.

The event offers visitors various scholarships, grants and learning opportunities presented by exhibitors. Scholarships specific to academic programs, research grants, internships and career training are to be explored. Exhibitors are ready to provide detailed advice and accompany participants in the application process.

For those considering study abroad, the Career and Learning Lounge becomes an invaluable resource. Attendees can learn about international study programs, obtain information about academic exchanges, and receive personalized advice on the steps needed to complete their study abroad plans. Exhibitors, experts in the field, are on hand to guide attendees every step of the way, making this edition a valuable opportunity for those aspiring to an enriching education abroad.

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