Since Friday 5th July, the 5th edition of the Career & Learning Lounge has started at the Caudan Arts Centre offering a wide range of choices to those who wish to continue their studies in Mauritius or abroad. People who are looking for a job can also find themselves there. Zoom on the first day.

Vatel Mauritius offers the Marco Polo Program allowing its students to continue their studies and internships abroad.

The Career & Learning Lounge opened its doors on Friday, July 5, at the Caudan Arts Centre, providing a valuable opportunity for students and job seekers to connect with various educational and professional institutions. Running over two days, until Saturday, July 6, the event brings together a plethora of exhibitors to showcase their services and offer valuable advice.

For its fifth edition, this fair positions itself as a privileged meeting place for students who wish to continue their higher education and for those looking for new career opportunities. Among the exhibitors, there are several Mauritian universities as well as facilitators specialized in supporting students wishing to continue their studies abroad.

Among them, we find the University of Technology (UTM) which presents its five faculties and its different academic programs. “We are present at the Career & Learning Lounge to present our different options for those who are starting tertiary studies, but also for those who are working and who want to continue their studies. We have programs from Master to PhD,” explains Vandhana Gungabissoon.

Indeed, representatives from several institutions are present to answer questions, provide detailed information on study programs, admission requirements, and scholarship opportunities as well. Moreover, at the Charles Telfair Institute booth, visitors can learn about the academic year that is currently starting in July.

International facilitators, on the other hand, play a crucial role for those considering studying abroad. They provide advice on choosing universities, administrative procedures, visas, and even cultural integration in the host country. Their presence at the fair allows students to better understand the opportunities available to them and to plan their academic future with greater serenity.

Academic Advisors

“We offer to support students to help them make the best choices, but once they arrive in Canada, we also have a team on site that helps them integrate better,” explains Rajkumar Seeparsad of Dodo Immigration. The goal is to ensure that everything goes well for those who want to settle there as well. “For young people, those under 35, we recommend that they opt for studies first and then settle permanently in Canada,” he emphasizes.

The fair also offers an excellent networking opportunity. Visitors have the opportunity to meet potential employers, career experts, and academic advisors. Exchanging with these professionals provides valuable insights and the opportunity to make contacts that could prove decisive for the professional future of the participants. This is also the case at Kalexius, which is currently recruiting.

Kalexius is a law firm that is not traditional. The company is a provider of alternative legal services (Legal Service Provider). It is an international company created in 2012, whose parent company is located in Switzerland, with offices in France, England, Israel, Uruguay and the United States. The Mauritian team is expanding and constantly evolving and is currently recruiting. “We are at this fair to make ourselves known and especially to recruit. We currently have three vacancies and we are looking for a Legal Project Manager”, says Reine Aza, from Kalexius.

To study or immigrate to Australia, visitors turned to Tingo Education Australia.

By bringing together local universities, international facilitators, career professionals, and job seekers under one roof, this fair offers a dynamic and enriching platform to explore new opportunities and prepare for the future. Moreover, Vatel Mauritius is also there to offer its various courses and is promoting the Marco Polo Program which consists of starting your studies in Mauritius, but then continuing them in another country. “You have to do the first year in Mauritius, but for the second and third years, the student has the choice of choosing between 55 campuses in 33 countries,” says Anishley Pydatalli.

And finally, for studies in Australia, there is the team at Tingo Education Australia. “We act as a facilitator for those who want to go and study, but also to immigrate to Australia,” says Randhir Dhundoo. Thus, the Career & Learning Lounge is a unique opportunity to give new impetus to one’s career and especially to one’s academic ambitions.

Good to know

The Career & Learning Lounge 2024 continues this Saturday, July 6. It takes place at the Caudan Arts Centre from 10am to 5pm. Admission is free and the venue is easily accessible by metro.

Virginie Chavry, from Pamplemousses: “I will take the time to choose carefully”

Virginie Chavry takes the time to choose where to study.

At 17, Virginie Chavry has a very clear idea of ​​what she wants to do after high school. She wants to specialize in psychology or criminology. And to get there, she plans to continue her studies abroad. Her first choices are England, Canada and Australia. “But at the fair, I got a lot of information about studying in Germany and that interests me more. I'm now going to take the time to choose carefully,” she says.

Venilen Cunee, from Cap-Malheureux: “It’s an interesting platform”

Venilen Cunee wants to become a chef.

He is 21 years old and works as a kitchen assistant in a hotel, but wants to become a chef. Venilen Cunee was at the Career & Learning Lounge to see what opportunities are available to him. “I want to continue my studies in this field and see what options suit me. It is an interesting platform where you have all the necessary information,” he emphasizes.

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