The Deputy Prime Minister, Steven Obeegadoo, occupies the ground in his constituency, No. 17 (Curepipe/Midlands), by multiplying the exits there. However, a wing at the Sun Trust wants to see him drop off at No. 16 (Vacoas/Floréal) where he would have a better chance of getting elected. His running mate at No. 17, Kenny Dhunnoo, would have little chance of obtaining an investiture for various reasons. At No. 18 (Belle-Rose/Quatre-Bornes), there is a big problem between the PPS Tania Diolle and the Minister of the Environment, Kavi Ramano. Both would not be “on speaking terms”. Which could pose a problem during the campaign. For the moment, the trend is rather in favor of Kavi Ramano who has the best chance of keeping his place to the detriment of Tania Diolle who could also be forced to change constituency.

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