Between despair and resilience: the heartbreaking ordeal of drug addiction for families. This was the theme of the program “Au coeur de l’info”, hosted by Prem Sewpaul, on Radio Plus, on June 20. Several parents whose children have experienced the hell of drugs have testified openly.

Chantal, the mother of a drug addict son, is devastated because her son died a few months ago. She does not hide her anger towards the “marsan ladrog”. “Mo zanfan ti dan ladrog. Zordi linn mor. Marsan ladrog to return mwa mo zanfan? », she asks. She still cries for her son. “Mo ankor plore, mo pou touzour plore,” she adds.

According to her, drugs destroyed her entire family. “Ladrog inn fer boukou dega”. To the point that her son had become an outcast, she continues. “Kan ena maryaz, fami dir mwa vinn tousel, to zanfan non,” she relates. In the end, she preferred not to go.

Marianne says that her 27-year-old son has been taking drugs since he was 15. She speaks of an “ordeal” for the whole family. “He stole Rs 100,000 to Rs 150,000 from us,” she testifies. Marianne indicates that the money set aside for her granddaughter's education was spent on her son. “Kan li pena ladrog, li malad, li kriye, tap so latet dan miray ek kraz tou seki li ganye,” continues Marianne.

Sleeping in a doghouse

She adds that she took many steps to get him out of this hell. “Me ti pe fer enn pa en avan ek de pa en aryer,” she continues. The situation got so bad that her son ended up in prison and then he found himself on the street. “He ended up sleeping in the dog’s kennel. “And then I went to open the port and found myself sleeping in the Lisian lake. »

Marie Josée is also the mother of a drug addict. And he stole everything he found in the house. “He takes things from around the house,” she said. She says her son was stopped by police while buying drugs. She adds that her son was not stable in his work and in his personal life. “Sometimes he rented a house, sometimes he lived with his mother-in-law. When mom arrived, my mother and I slept during the day,” she says. Marie Josée explains that her daughter tried to help her, in vain.

Claude, a former professional football player, speaks of his drug-addicted son as a person who was very meticulous in his work as a welder. Unfortunately, he too became addicted to drugs. “I bought new clothes for the feast of the Virgin. He sold his clothes as well as mine,” observes Claude.

“Tou inn tom dan delo”

The father indicates that he has nevertheless taken steps to help his son. “I took him to a center twice a week for three months. At one point he had to live there. I bought him everything. It was like someone was going on a trip outside. But the next day, he called me to come pick him up. (…) Tou in tom dan delo,” he laments.

Marie indicates that her son had everything to succeed. “He was smart. He was an accountant. He made his college proud, he was a good sportsman, a good scout, a bon vivant,” she says. However, this did not prevent him from falling into the hell of drugs. “He let himself be influenced,” she believes.

She indicates that she suffered a lot as a mother. “My goodness is going to endure everything. All tom lor mama. However, I did not give up. I struggled to the point of ending up in the psychiatric hospital,” she says. Marie explains that she reluctantly gave her son money to buy drugs, out of fear that he would get in trouble with the police.

Dr Luxmi Taukoor: “We don’t have a miracle solution”

Dr Luxmi Taukoor of the Health Ministry's Harm Reduction Unit explains that “there is no magic bullet” to get a drug addict out of addiction. “I would be lying if I said there was treatment to eliminate addiction,” he concedes. For the doctor, addiction is a very complex problem. “Medical treatments only account for 25%. It is the patient’s family and their environment who must manage the remaining 75%,” he estimates. The Harm Reduction Unit offers family and couples therapy, with the support of doctors and psychologists. “We explain to them that addiction is a disease. (…) Pliss konpran ki zanfan la ganye, pliss kapav manage li,” he points out.

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