His career is atypical. After joining the Italian army, Andrea Bosio left everything to live his culinary passion to the fullest. Today, he travels to the four corners of the world to share his know-how and the art of Italian gastronomy.

As a child, chef Andrea Bosio was fascinated by the sweet treats and tempting aromas of cooking. He dreams of being a chef, concocting dishes that will delight your taste buds. He will also undertake a diploma in hotel and catering management. But now, destiny has other plans for him.

In 1997, Andrea Bosio found himself enlisted in the Italian army. Goodbye dreams of cooking, hello military discipline and martial rigor. However, he did not let himself be defeated and carried out his peacekeeping missions in Albania, Sarajevo and Kosovo.

Deep down, however, the culinary passion still burns. In 2001, after a few years of military service, Andrea Bosio left the army. “It's a very tough world and unfortunately I can't elaborate further, but at some point I couldn't continue with this life, even if I had been posted to the kitchen,” confides chef Andrea Bosio.

He made the choice of the heart, and threw himself fully into his passion. He went into business for himself and opened his restaurant/pizzeria in Torino, Italy. A second one would follow soon after. “The first is an Italian restaurant where you can come and discover Italian cuisine. You take your time to taste it, while the second operates like a fast food restaurant with only pizza to order and take away,” explains chef Andrea Bosio.

Specializing in Italian cuisine and particularly in the art of pizza, Chef Bosio Andrea does not limit himself to a single culinary discipline. He has notably tried his hand at pastry making and chocolate making, demonstrating great versatility.

Today, chef Andrea Bosio has no regrets, quite the contrary. “Beyond cooking, I can share my passion with others. This is the aspect I prefer. In Italian gastronomy, everything is a question of sharing, exchange and discovery,” he explains. It is also with this in mind that he became a founding partner and instructor of the Pizza School Academia Pizzaioli. He plays a crucial role in training future pizza makers and currently serves as deputy director of the institution.

He has also participated in numerous culinary competitions in Europe and the United States, which allowed him to hone his skills and become known on the international scene. His expertise and passion for Italian cuisine led him to Mauritius, where he was invited to participate in the sixth edition of Delizie Italiane, an event organized by Artigiano.

During his week-long stay in Mauritius, Chef Bosio Andrea hosted culinary workshops with local chefs, sharing his techniques and love for Italian cuisine. “You have to understand that Italian cuisine is a cuisine known for its simplicity. We also use simple ingredients, but the art lies in traditional preparation methods,” he points out.

And even though he is a chef rooted in gastronomic tradition, he is always looking for new inspirations. Moreover, he took advantage of his stay in Mauritius to discover the local gastronomy, and was particularly seduced by boiled noodles (“minn bwi”). “It is disconcertingly simple and yet very tasty,” he admits.

At the end of his stay in Mauritius, Chef Bosio Andrea expressed his desire to integrate the secrets of Mauritian cuisine into his Italian dishes, envisioning a culinary fusion that promises to delight the taste buds of his guests. This approach reflects his commitment to innovate and create unique gastronomic experiences, while honouring the culinary traditions of each culture he encounters.

Delizie Italiane: Italian gastronomy in the spotlight

This year again, Italian culture and fine gastronomy were in the spotlight during Delizie Italiane, an event organized by Artigiano and awaited by chefs and representatives of hotel groups as well as restaurateurs and professionals in the profession. It took place on Wednesday
June 12, at the Artigiano headquarters in Triolet. During this day, visitors were able to discover the different Italian products that the company represents.

This year Artigiano presented the new range of fresh pasta from the Surgital brand with two product lines, Divine Creazioni and Laboratorio Toretelini. On site, visitors were also able to discover traditional desserts from the Monteleone brand such as Baba, Sfogliatelle and Cannoli Siciliani. It was also an opportunity to see chef Andrea Bosio at work, behind the stove, preparing pizzas à la minute.

“It must be acknowledged that Italian cuisine has long transcended the borders of Italy, finding its way into the hearts and onto the tables of people all over the world. And Maurice is one of them. The universal appeal of Italian cuisine, especially pizza and pasta, is undeniable,” says Daniela Quaranta, the director of Artigiano and herself of Italian origin.

Chef Andrea Bosio with Daniela Quaranta, director of Artigiano.

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