Clarel Felice Sunee, alias Jordan, was charged with the murder of Wilfrid Baillache and attempted murder of Jan Cornelis.

After confessing to the murder of Wilfrid Baillache, Clarel Felice Sunee, known as Jordan, begins to unpack his bag. “You don't have to pay Rs 500 to end the relationship,” he alleged to investigators, speaking of the alleged motive for the murder perpetrated during a naughty evening at the home of Wilfrid Baillache and Jan Cornelis. The 29-year-old resident of Bambous was arrested on Tuesday June 11, 2024 after more than ten days on the run. Upon his arrest, he confessed to being the perpetrator of the crime. “Mom mem ki finn all misie ki res Bambous there. Mo finn fer sa parski mo pa ti ena nanie,” argued the notorious repeat offender In addition to the murder, he confessed to stealing jewelry from the house. In his version, Clarel Felice Sunee claimed that he had been seeing Wilfrid Baillache and Jan Cornelis for more than five years. According to him, every time the couple wanted to treat themselves to a moment of spicy pleasure, Wilfrid Baillache called on him. He alleges that in return he got money and designer clothes. He specifies that he could thus lead a haughty lifestyle.

But on the evening of Thursday, May 30 to Friday, May 31, after a threesome, Clarel Felix Sunee allegedly demanded more money from the couple than the Rs 500 that had been agreed. The situation would have degenerated. Armed with a saber, the suspect attacked the couple. He tied them up one by one in a room of the house. He demanded more money from them, while uttering threats to Wilfrid Baillache, who allegedly refused. Clarel Felice Sunee would not have appreciated this refusal. He then allegedly strangled the victim with the belt of a bathrobe that he had brought. Meanwhile, Jan Cornelis was tied up in another room of the house.

On Friday June 14, 2024, the notorious repeat offender was provisionally charged with attempted murder of Jan Cornelis, the companion of the deceased. Clarel Felice Sunee then participated in a re-enactment in the presence of investigators from the Major Crimes Investigation Team (South) under the supervision of Superintendent of Police (SP) Heman Dass Goorah. The suspect showed investigators how the crime took place in the couple's house in Bambous.

He then explained how he managed to get his hands on jewelry before fleeing in the couple's car. Then he asked investigators to take him to Cité La Ferme, Bambous. He also drove them to a wooded area in the neighborhood where he said he got rid of the items he had stolen from the house. Subsequently, he asked the police to take him to a gold buying and reselling business, where he offered the stolen jewelry for sale. The managers of this business, a couple, were arrested for possession of stolen items. The jewelry was recovered by the men of Inspector Ramjeetun of the MCIT. There was a strong police presence, including elements from the Scene of Crime Office, for the reconstruction.

Ten nights spent in the woods – the suspect: “Monn manz biskwi ek bwar delo kan mo ti pe kasiet”

Panicked after the crime, Clarel Felice Sunee took refuge in a wooded area in the Beaux-Songes neighborhood for around ten nights, before his arrest. After fleeing in the couple's car, the Bambous resident chose to keep a low profile to escape the police. He already had enough to eat. He had even erected a structure to spend his nights there: “Monn manz biskwi ek bwar delo kan mo ti pe kasiet. » However, he admits that he left his hiding place a few times in his quests to obtain his drug doses: “Mo ti pe fat yenn. Mo ti bizin al pran ladrog. »

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