• Stolen jewelry resold in a business in the capital

Sex and money. This is the motive favored by the police after the death of Wilfrid Marzello Baillache, aged 70 and living in Bambous. This Thursday, the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT), led by Superintendent of Police (SP) Hayman Dass Ghoora, will resume the interrogation of Clarel Felix Sunnee, the main suspect in the murder committed on Friday, May 31, during a drunken evening at the home of the septuagenarian.

Clarel Felix Sunnee, a repeat offender, aged 29, was arrested on Tuesday June 11 after 10 days on the run. The police believe that the origins of this fatal attack are sex and money. The suspect, in a first version, admitted to being the murderer of Wilfrid Marzello Baillache. “Mo mem kinn touy sa misie ki res Bambous la, monn fer sa parski mo pa tiena nanie,” the suspect conceded.

This Wednesday, Clarel Felix Sunnee was provisionally charged with murder before the Bambous court. He was taken back to a police cell. The suspect, who was recently released from prison for cell phone theft, also admitted to stealing jewelry from the victim's house. A gold ring and chain had been stolen.

After the suspect's confession, investigators from MCIT and the Western Division's Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit (DCIU) nabbed a couple who had purchased the stolen jewelry. During their interrogation, they admitted to having sold these jewels in a gold buying business in Port Louis. In addition to the murder of Wilfrid Marzello Baillache, suspect Sunnee will also be confronted with several other thefts committed in the West.

As a reminder, Wilfrid Marzello Baillache was killed by strangulation on the night of Thursday to Friday May 31 during a drunken and intimate evening. A violent argument then broke out between the two men and Clarel Felix Sunnee strangled him with a belt. The suspect had been identified and denounced by the victim's companion, Jan Cornelis Jansen, a Dutchman. After this fatal attack, Clarel Felix Sunnee fled. He remained untraceable in this part of the West until Tuesday.

Thanks to a successful intervention by investigators from the Western Division's Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit, jointly with the Force Crime Intelligence Unit, the alleged murderer was spotted in wasteland in Beaux-Songes on Tuesday. But seeing the police, he fled towards Trois Mamelles mountain. Chased, he was able to be subdued and put out of harm's way. The police investigation is continuing.

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