CoCo Tea, a Taiwanese brand now established in Mauritius, is celebrating the second anniversary of the opening of its first boutique at the Victoria Urban Terminal this year. With its many new flavours and innovative approach, CoCo Tea continues its expansion and now has nine outlets across the island.

Since its launch, CoCo Tea has continued to attract a loyal clientele. By using natural ingredients such as green tea and offering customizable options such as sugar-free and vegan, CoCo Tea caters to all tastes. Leonie de Boer, General Manager of CoCo Bubble Tea Mauritius explains that one of the major challenges was to differentiate itself from the competition on the Mauritian market and to maintain a unique and qualitative image in a constantly evolving market. “A moment that marked us and that will remain in our memory is when foreign customers from CoCo Tea’s country of origin came to see us to tell us that, not only was the quality there, but that the originality of our menu had made them rediscover the brand,” she rejoices. Furthermore, she continues, the brand continues to expand across the country with the opening of nine points of sale in 18 months. “Each opening is a strong and unique moment for us.” We also created the CoCo Mini brand in partnership with Winners,” she says.


CoCo Bubble Tea is a franchise established since 1997 in Taiwan and now has more than 5,000 points of sale worldwide. “It is thanks to the support of the franchise, which follows us in all our initiatives, that we are proud to offer a menu adapted to the tastes and preferences of our country,” explains Leonie de Boer. In Mauritius, the company is constantly offering new flavors and new creations and announces more surprises that will arrive regularly during the year. Among the bestsellers, there is the “Pearl Milk Tea”, which is the “Signature Drink” of CoCo Bubble Tea, a Milk Tea based on black tea and Tapioca pearls, as well as the “Bubble Gaga”, which is a unique preparation based on green tea, passion fruit juice in which Tapioca Pearls and Coconut Jelly are added.

The founding values ​​of the franchise are based above all on the quality of its products and the kindness of its teams.”

The General Manager says that with the local and international teams, the company is developing its offers and products on a daily basis. “The dynamism and strong ties that our team maintains with our customers allow us to give free rein to our imagination and offer them new original flavors and successful products,” she maintains. For example, CoCo Bubble Tea Mauritius recently launched the “Exotic Fruit Series” grenadine and peach flavors, which, according to our interlocutor, has generated real enthusiasm among its customers. According to her, the success was immediate.

Loyalty card

Leonie de Boer explains that the founding values ​​of the franchise are based above all on the quality of its products and the kindness of its teams. “For us, it is essential to guarantee consistent quality while offering a friendly and enjoyable time to our customers,” she says. Moreover, she says that customers are welcomed like her team and she would like to be welcomed. Beyond that, the company has set up several programs with, for example, a loyalty card that is offered to customers who want it or a VIP program for its partners in the malls in which it operates. “We also offer a delivery service via DoDo Delivery in the North regions and in Port-Louis. In addition, we are working in collaboration with the brand on the launch of an application, but I'm keeping the surprise for later,” she confides. The company also regularly offers promotions that are highlighted on its social networks.

New products introduced this month

Leonie de Boer points out that the story of CoCo Bubble Tea is not just a chapter, it is a whole book that the company aims to write. “We are fortunate to have a product that is popular here in Mauritius and are proud to be able to continue to grow on the island and in the region in the months and years to come,” she says. Also, she says she is delighted to announce that the menu will evolve further from July 2024 with the introduction of new products and new flavours every month until December.

An adapted ecological commitment

When the board decided to bring the CoCo Bubble Tea franchise to Mauritius, ecology played a major role in the selection process. “What's more, we make sure to reduce our carbon footprint every day through a series of initiatives,” explains the General Manager. For example, the company avoids single-use plastics and favors recycled or biodegradable materials. “We also make a point of fighting against food waste. We have a strict policy in all our points of sale regarding water and electricity saving,” she emphasizes. In addition, the recipe bases, such as tea and certain toppings, are prepared at the last minute to avoid waste and to ensure that nothing is thrown away. “And since good actions lead to good consequences, it means ensuring our customers always have a fresh product of the best quality,” rejoices our interlocutor.

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