Seetulsing Meetoo, a 32-year-old resident of Sainte-Croix, filed a complaint at the Abercrombie police station on June 26, 2024. He accuses a contractor and content creator active on TikTok of fraud. It all started when the latter hired him as a subcontractor. However, from February to June 19, 2024, the 30-year-old noticed that the contractor was not paying him his fair value. Indeed, out of a total amount of Rs 170,000 owed, he only received a sum of Rs 2,000, forcing him to draw on his own funds to pay his workers.

He says, “I had to dig into my own pocket to pay my employees. Also, I noticed that several people reported him for scamming on Facebook and TikTok because he pocketed their money without completing the work. In my case, he claims every time that he is going to pay me, giving me hope of getting my capital of Rs 168,000 back.” Unfortunately, to this day, Seetulsing Meetoo has never seen his money again. In his complaint, he states that the contractor no longer answers his phone calls.

The police have opened an investigation and are actively looking for the alleged fraudster to get his version of events.

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