Prembhoodas Ellayah, the chairman of the Rivière-du-Rempart district council, is contesting a motion of censure passed against him. This Cottage resident obtained an injunction on Monday, July 1, 2024. This is an interim order, issued in summary proceedings by Judge Raj Seebaluck, prohibiting the Deputy Prime Minister (VPM) and Minister of Local Government, Anwar Husnoo, from removing him from his position as chairman of the district council, which he says he has held since 2017.

This interim order remains in force till July 26, 2024, when VPM Husnoo and the Chief Executive (CE) of the district council, Rishi Kumar Nursing, will have to appear in court.
In an affidavit attached to his application, Prembhoodas Ellayah states that on 16 April 2024, along with other councillors, he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister expressing their dissatisfaction with the management of the Council by CE Nursing. On 12 June 2024, four elected members of the Council requested that he include a motion of no confidence in him, Prembhoodas Ellayah, at a future meeting.

Prembhoodas Ellayah responded to the EC on 14 June 2024, saying that the motion would be included on the agenda for the July 2024 meeting. However, he says, on 27 June 2024, against his directive, the EC included the motion on the agenda for the meeting, where it was debated and adopted despite his objections. Prembhoodas Ellayah claims that the EC thereby violated its prerogative as President of the Council to set the agenda. This explains his legal action.

Prembhoodas Ellayah has retained the services of Me Ravi Rutnah and attorney Karoumee Pareatumbee.

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