Magistrate Valentino Mayer struck out, this Wednesday, June 19, 2024, the provisional charge of “conspiracy to money laundering” against Varsha Singh, aged 53 and wife of Sherry Singh. The decision follows a statement from Sergeant Rajiv Mungra, Police Prosecutor, who indicated that the Director of Public Prosecutions had no objection to the provisional charge being struck out.

This decision came after Me Satyajit Boolell, Senior Counsel and lawyer for Varsha Singh, called for the annulment of the provisional charge against his client for misconduct.

In this case, Varsha Singh was accused of hatching a conspiracy with four others, including her husband Sherry Singh, to commit the crime of money laundering. The other three persons mentioned in the charge sheet are Deyendranath Persand, Nilesh Ramanbhai Patel and Vijaynathij Gurupremathji. The amount involved is Rs 347 million, and the offense was allegedly committed in 2020, at SD Industrial Park, La Tour Koenig.

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