While consumers are currently having to endure rising prices of imported food products, they can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to local produce. Vegetables are currently available in abundance in the market, resulting in affordable prices for consumers.

fall in vegetable prices.

Herbs in abundance and at low prices

Planters and market gardeners report that herbs and aromatic herbs, such as cotomili, parsley, thyme and onion tail, are currently selling at low prices. Ideal weather conditions allow for optimal growth of these herbs, thus increasing their availability on the market. This abundance thus leads to lower prices.


These vegetables whose prices are currently high

Currently, the prices of some vegetables such as chilli (large chilli, small chilli, curry chilli), bell pepper, bringelle and angive as well as filantes are increasing. This increase in prices is mainly due to the unfavourable climate which has affected the harvests.

fall in vegetable prices

Shemida Ramdewar-Emrith, President of the Vegetables & Fruits Auctioneers Association: “Production remains stable”

“Herbs and vegetables such as Tom Thumb and others are affordable. This is due to the favourable climate for their production, while vegetables such as chilli, pepper and bringelle are currently more expensive. In general, production remains stable, but the high costs of labour, fertilisers and treatments against diseases and insects are discouraging obstacles for planters.”

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