High freight costs and the continued depreciation of the rupee against the dollar continue to put significant pressure on the prices of imported consumer products in Mauritius. While some prices have already increased, others are expected to follow this trend in the coming days. Focus on the products concerned.

Sauce: Panzani brand products more expensive

Prices (effective from July 15)
Pesto 200gRs175
Cooked tomato with small vegetables in a 180g tubeRs95
Cooked tomato, onion and garlic in a tube 180gRs95
Provencale/Basil/Bolognese 210gRs125
Carbonara 370gRs200
4 Cheeses 370gRs200
Original / Olives 400gRs175
Chicken Bolognese 400gRs190
Bolognese 425g New RecipeRs190
Homemade Recipe Basil and Garlic Tip 320gRs200
Tomapizza 390GRs125
Tomacouli Nature 200gRs85
Tomacouli Nature 500gRs110
Organic Tomacouli 265gRs105
Organic Tomacouli 500gRs135

Personal care products: Nivea brand more expensive

Price (effective from July 15)
Shower gel water lily & oil/ lemon/ hawai flowe 250mlRs261
Shower shampoo men_deep 500mlRs455
Shampoo for men 250mlRs261
Shower shampoo power fresh 500mlRs455
Shower cream_care 500mlRs455
Body essentials Rs230
Body firming milk q10+ 250mlRs457
Body milk express hydration/nourishing/repair&care 250mlRs274
Body milk – 400mlRs387

Tin can
ProductPrice (effective July 8)
White Tuna Solid in Sunflower OilRs64

Baby care products: prices to rise from July 15

Brand: Bébécalin
Shampoo 400mlRs180
Washing gel (body and hair) 400mlRs180
Lavender washing gel (body and hair) 400mlRs180
Washing gel with honey extracts (body and hair) 400mlRs180
Cleansing milk 400mlRs175
Cleansing milk with honey extracts 400mlRs175
Cleansing milk 200mlRs130
Oil 200mlRs160
Eau de cologne – blue with spray 200mlRs165
Eau de cologne – rose with spray 200mlRs165
Eau de cologne – lavender with spray 200mlRs165
Cream for change 100mlRs125
Antiseptic healing creamRs250

Pasta: prices increase this Friday, July 5

Brand: Panzani
New prices (from July 5)
Macaroni 500g Rs 70.69
Macaroni 1kg Rs 140.78
Farfalle 400gRs 104.48

Further increases effective on July 15th
Shells 500gRs105
Torti 500gRs105
Penne Rigate 500gRs115
Linguine 500G No 11Rs105
Capellini 500gRs105
Tagliatelle 500gRs155

Butter and cheese: prices up since July 3

Brand: Arla
Pro unsalted butter (5kg) Rs 3,180
Kids Cheese Sticks (180g) Rs 60.86

Infant milk: Nursie, Bledilait and France Lait cost more

Infant milk: Nursie, Bledilait and France Lait cost more
ProductsAccommodationNew prices (from July 5)
Comfort Nurse 1400gRs 290.83
Nursia 1300gRs 157.27
Nursia 1400 gRs 247.82
Nursia 2300gRs 162.87
Nursia 2400 gRs 247.94
Nursia 2900 gRs 548.16
Nursie 3 growth bib300gRs 153.51
Nursia 3400gRs 248.71
Bledilait growth250mlRs 39.24
Blédilait cr350gRs 201.17
Bledilait cr400gRs 247.66
Bledi junior800gRs 506.03
France Milk 1900gRs 592.07
France Prema Milk400gRs 376.73
France Milk 2400gRs 269.67
France Milk Premium 2400gRs 294.77
France Milk 3400gRs 268.71
France Milk 3900gRs 583.48

Coffee: Prices increase on July 8

Brand: Bon Aroma
Classic 100g Rs 184.50
Classic 50gRs 104.00
Gold 100gRs 194.50
Gold 50gRs 119.50

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