In a press release issued on Thursday, June 20, the Chamber of Notaries said it had taken note of the various declarations and press articles concerning the honorable Kavydass Ramano.

The Chamber affirms that since this situation could be the subject of investigations, it is constrained not to make any comment on this specific matter.

The Chamber wishes, however, to clarify that it will take all necessary actions, with complete impartiality, and within the limits of the powers conferred on it by the texts governing the notarial profession.

As a reminder, the letterhead of Kavy Ramano's notary office was used in administrative procedures concerning an EIA permit application, although as Minister of the Environment, he is no longer supposed to operate as a notary.

Minister Kavydass Ramano issued a press release on Tuesday, June 4, to explain himself. He specifies that he had informed the Association of Notaries upon his appointment as Minister of the Environment that he was no longer practicing as a notary as of that date. He added in his press release: “No person is authorized to issue documents in my name as a notary.”


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