The investigation committee, set up to shed light on the allegations made by the former chief internal auditor of the Central Water Authority (CWA), is expected to place the company Standard Solutions at the centre of its investigations, according to various sources.

Incorporated on 19 June 2023, the firm Standard Solutions Ltd, based in Camp-de-Masque-Pavé, has raised several questions. One troubling point for the Ministry of Public Utilities regarding this file is that this company was incorporated only a few months before the Central Water Authority (CWA) decided to undertake a large three-phase pipeline replacement project. The first phase concerns the replacement of pipelines less than 1 km long, which will be carried out in-house by the CWA. The second phase involves the replacement of pipelines between 1 km and 3 km long, entrusted to small and medium-sized companies, and mainly concerns medium-sized side roads and unclassified roads across the island. As for the third phase, it concerns the replacement of pipelines as part of capital projects, involving the replacement of pipelines longer than 3 km on roads classified by the RDA. The progress of this project, marred by several irregularities according to the observations of the former Chief Internal Auditor of the Central Water Authority, is now at the heart of an investigation committee, as revealed by Minister Lesjongard last Tuesday in the National Assembly. According to our information, an important part of this investigation will focus on the second phase of the project, where several contracts were awarded to small and medium-sized companies, including Standard Solutions.

According to an authorized source at the Ministry of Public Services, there is a strong possibility that this investigation committee will examine Standard Solutions in detail, in particular the manner in which this company was selected to participate in this pipeline replacement project, as well as its skills and expertise since its recent incorporation in June 2023. This company, founded just a few months before the initiation of the project, raises many questions as to its capacity to carry out work of such magnitude.

To date, little information is available about this company. However, it is worth noting that its director is one Puttaroo Ferosekhan. No details regarding its turnover or financial situation are currently available, which leaves a certain opacity surrounding this company. This lack of transparency reinforces the importance of the ongoing investigation. “The fact that Standard Solutions was incorporated so soon before the contracts were awarded raises questions about the selection criteria and validation processes used by the CWA,” we learn.

At the level of the supervising ministry, the extent of this situation seems to be well understood. Indeed, it appears that Minister Lesjongard was informed of repeated purchases of the same items over a short period of time, albeit for different projects. Furthermore, the items purchased and paid for were received and quickly distributed to the areas concerned as soon as they were requested for laying the pipes. However, no guarantee could be provided as to the delivery of the pipes, fittings and other materials to the sites concerned.

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