• Rs 4 billion planned only for infrastructure works

After the Metro Express, the Côte d'Or Smart City continues to serve as the government's flagship project. If it has remained more or less stuck in the “starting blocks” for several years, the government hopes to be able to move forward if it is given a new mandate in the general elections scheduled for this year.

For the next three years, the government hopes to invest billions of rupees to bring new life out of the earth. Around Rs 4 billion is planned only for infrastructure works such as roads, electricity and land preparation, in addition to Rs 2.7 billion from the Projects Development Fund, by 2027.

We are talking here about a development spanning 2,179 acres in order to “redefine and modernize the physical landscape of Mauritius”, as indicated in the Public Sector Investment Program 2024-27 which was annexed to the Budget presented on June 7 last by the Minister of Finance, Renganaden Padayachy.

The city is developed on a large expanse of prime land strategically located in the center of the island in Côte-d'Or, adjacent to existing significant developments and substantial future planned developments. It is the largest urban expansion project identified in the National Planning Strategy in more than a decade.

The land fell into the hands of the State thanks to the Illovo Deal. Just as for the land used for the Cybercité d'Ébène, that for the “smart city” of Côte d'Or had been acquired by the government in 2001 at Rs 125,000 per acre, a sum which was significantly below the market value, even at the time.

Currently, the “smart city” is limited to the multi-sports complex, operational since 2019, and a few projects in what is called the Côte-d’Or Technopole which are under development.
The government justifies this decision by stating that “the country has suffered severe impacts from climate change, including frequent flash floods across the island. These events caused considerable damage to infrastructure and represent a serious threat to the lives of residents. Port-Louis was not spared. This is why the government is transferring its administrative headquarters to Côte-d'Or, with the construction of an Administrative City and a new Parliament.

The Côte d'Or Smart City also plans the development of an Education and Health center. A Leisure and Entertainment complex will be created, as well as accommodation for civil servants, schools, health and community facilities. In addition, public transport connections will be put in place, including a connection with the Metro Express.

The project will not be entirely financed by the government which is counting on a significant contribution from the private sector to help it build this new city from the ground.

In detail…

A Smart City with various poles

Administrative City

It will include four government administrative buildings on approximately 18 acres, located upstream of the Bagatelle dam, to serve as the state administration center where government functions will be centralized.

Initially, two buildings will be built to accommodate more than 2,000 civil servants. Subsequently, in a second phase, two other buildings will be erected.

Côte d’Or Technopole

The Côte d'Or Technopole, formerly named Côte d'Or Data Technology Park, is being developed on approximately 175 acres of land in Minissy, Moka. The 17 available plots have already been rented.

Phase 1 of the High Technology Medical Center has already been built and is operational. Phase 2 is currently under construction and will be completed in 2024/25.

New racecourse and leisure and entertainment center

The Côte d'Or International Racecourse, Leisure and Entertainment Complex Ltd (COIREC) is preparing a masterplan over an area of ​​175 acres. Around 1,000 housing units will also be built in Côte d'Or for civil servants.

Education Center

  • Campus of the Open University of Mauritius. The project is self-financed by the institution
  • Campus of the University of Technology, Mauritius
  • Campus of the Mauritius Institute of Education
  • Education House on approximately 7.5 acres of land to serve as the new headquarters of the Ministry of Education
  • Academy of Design and Innovation (ADI) on an area of ​​10 acres in Côte d'Or, housing a Faculty of Graphics and Multimedia; a Faculty of Research and Development in Design; a School of Jewelry and Manufacturing; a Faculty of Fashion and Textiles; a Faculty of Design, Materials and Objects; and a Faculty of Indoor and Built Environment; among others.

Health Center

  • New warehouse for pharmaceutical and medical products
  • New heart center
  • New National Health Laboratory
  • Construction of an Ayush hospital in collaboration with the Indian authorities.

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