“Work came first for him,” says Devi Manraj, the sister-in-law of Dev Manraj, who died Monday at the age of 75 following an illness. Married to Dev Manraj's older brother, she indicates that she had known him for more than 50 years. At the time of his marriage, Dev Manraj was in his twenties and a student at the University of Mauritius. Devi also shares the last words exchanged with Dev Manraj at the clinic: “It's hard to imagine another Dev Manraj,” she says.

Dev Manraj's brother Dr Shyam Manraj points out that family was very important to the ex-financial secretary. Dr. Shyam Manraj and Devi Manraj testified at Rajenee Panchoo's microphone at Dev Manraj's residence in Vacoas on Tuesday. His funeral will take place tomorrow.

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