Mauritian Ravanne

The ravanne, also referred to as the ‘frame drum’ or ‘tambour’, is a globally played percussion instrument. Constructed with goat skin and string that are stretched over a circular frame, the ravanne requires warming of the skin prior to playing. Various parts of the hand are used to strike the ravanne, creating resonating sounds.

The ravanne holds great significance in Mauritius as an instrument in Sega music. Originating from enslaved individuals in Mauritius, Sega music is widely heard across the island, accompanied by the captivating beats of the ravanne.

The resounding sound and vibrations of this instrument form the basis of Sega music, guiding the movements of dancers who gracefully sway their hips to the rhythm. Have you ever experienced the pulsating beat of a drum resonating within your heart? Some believe that the ravanne possesses spiritual qualities and healing powers, as its vibrations can realign our body to its natural frequency.

When you next visit the island, allow yourself to be moved by the rhythmic pounding of the ravanne and immerse yourself in the lively Sega vibes. If you’re interested in learning how to play this traditional Mauritian instrument, musicians like Sarasvati offer workshops for anyone eager to explore the art of ravanne playing.


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