A textile subsidiary of the CIEL group is considering a voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) for 200 of its 450 employees. Of the 450 employees, 200 are Mauritian and 250 foreign. The latter will be redeployed within the group.

The VRS plan includes the payment of 26 days of paid leave per year of service, the payment of 15 days of salary into the Portable Retirement Gratuity Fund (PRGF) of the Mauritius Revenue Authority, the reimbursement of local leaves and sick leave, as well as a financial allowance spread over six months.

The 200 Mauritian employees affected by the VRS are worried. “We are in total confusion. Why does such a company have to close its doors? Was there mismanagement by the management?” they wonder. They specify that they have between 5 and 30 years of seniority within the company.

The reasons given for the closure of the factory are a lack of orders. However, they are surprised by this situation while the profitability of the company fluctuated between Rs 50 and Rs 60 million for the financial year 2023-2024.

The company's management is cautious and indicates that “negotiations are ongoing and nothing has been finalized at the moment”. Was the Redundancy Board involved in this case? The Ministry of Labour was asked about this matter. It responded that “negotiations are ongoing with management and employees regarding payment of service time”

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