• Nancy Catapermal was the mother of a 4 month old baby and a 1.5 year old daughter
  • She applied for a Protection Order against him in May

They are 4 months old and a year and a half old. These two children will not know their mother. Marie Geralda Nancy Catapermal, 27 years old, victim of domestic violence, was taken from life by none other than her husband. The latter, Jonathan Alexandre Merle, was arrested yesterday, Monday June 24, three weeks after the murder of the young woman, whom he had disguised as a natural death.

On June 2, Marie Geralda Nancy Catapermal was found dead at her husband's home at Résidence Argy, Flacq. A post-mortem examination carried out the next day by Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, forensic pathologist, established that she died of “Left Ventricular Failure”: heart failure. However, the head of the forensic department recommends that the Eastern Criminal Investigation Division (CID) deepen its investigations.

In the meantime, relatives of the deceased, who was the mother of two infants, a four-month-old boy and a one-and-a-half-year-old girl, shouted loudly that she had died under the blows of her husband. In addition, before her death, the victim Geralda Nancy Catapermal had confided to Jenssy Sabapathee, responsible for the Facebook page “Respect Us”, that she was a victim of domestic violence. The father of the deceased, Gérard Catapermal, had retained the services of lawyer Sheren Govinden and requested the exhumation of the corpse to carry out a counter-autopsy.

The victim confided in Jenssy Sabapathee of the “Respect Us” association about the violence she was experiencing.
The victim confided in Jenssy Sabapathee of the “Respect Us” association about the violence she was experiencing.

This is how, following in-depth investigations, the sleuths of the CID of Flacq, led by Superintendent Babajee and inspectors Shibnauth and Moosun, took on board the young woman's husband, Jonathan Alexandre Merle, this Monday June 24. Confronted with several elements considered “overwhelming” against him, he confessed. In particular, he revealed that he had suffocated his wife with a pillow.

“inn gagn lazistis…”

According to Jonathan Alexandre Merle, an argument broke out between him and Nancy. His wife blamed him for his infidelity. In a fit of anger, he said he had done the irreparable thing. After his confession, he was placed under arrest. At the end of the afternoon, he pointed out the place where he suffocated his wife. After a night behind bars, this Tuesday Jonathan Alexandre Merle will be provisionally charged with murder before the Flacq court.

In the wake of the investigation, the officers of the Eastern CID had, during the past week, collected the version of Jenssy Sabapathee of the association “Respecter Nous”. The victim told him that she was regularly the victim of beatings from her husband. “I advised him to file a police report for domestic violence. Last May, she filed a complaint and took steps to obtain a Protection Order, but unfortunately, she died before then,” Jenssy Sabapathee told Defi Quotidien.

She had known Nancy Catapermal through Facebook for about four years. “She told me how she was belittled, denigrated, she was perpetually the victim of 'bullying'. A few days after giving birth to her second baby, she confided to me that her husband had brutalized her. In recent months, she could no longer hold on. 'Li ti kone enn zour sa boug-la pou touy li',” adds Jensee Sabapathee.

She says she was shocked when she learned of the death of Nancy Catapermal at the beginning of June. “I was extremely shocked. 'Pandan trwa zour mo pa ti bien ditou.' I suspected there was something suspicious about this sudden death. 'Mo pa ti aksepte li desede' of natural causes',” she says.

Subsequently, Jenssy Sabapathee worked alongside the family, and lawyer Sheren Govinden, to bring the truth to light: “If we don't have any problems, we can do it with someone else. I'm very sad Nancy still came out alive in her kalver-la, I found myself winning the zistis for Nancy. »

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