It has been four days since the boat on which police officers Steeve Fortuno, Naseerudin Mudoo, Vimal Sunnassy and Parkiyaven Moorghen were located capsized at sea in Poudre-d'Or. Constables Moorghen and Sunnassy are still missing. The search continues to find them, but the conditions at sea, with rain and strong winds inside and outside the lagoon, make the task of coast guard elements difficult. On Wednesday, the police helicopter flew over the area, carrying out two-hour rounds on three occasions, to no avail. On Thursday, the search continued. “We go there every day. We are still waiting for the situation to evolve, but for the moment, no results. We remain hopeful,” confides an uncle of Vimal Sunnassy.

Constables Fortuno and Mudoo, who were rescued on Wednesday, are still under observation at the SSRN hospital, Pamplemousses. Their state of health is considered stable.

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