After claiming to want to create a political tsunami against the government in place, Sherry Singh found himself confronted with several legal disputes which seriously damaged his credibility. But in this year 2024, the former boss of Mauritius Telecom is experiencing favorable legal developments. What impact will this have on his political credibility in this election year?

Sherry Singh's trajectory continues to attract attention. Since his resignation in June 2022, the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mauritius Telecom (MT), once a close collaborator of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, has found himself at the heart of multiple controversies but also at the center of several political speculations.

His resignation was followed by shocking revelations regarding allegations of illicit surveillance of the national telecommunications network. These statements caused a shock wave, provoking varied reactions and accentuating the attention paid to Sherry Singh, especially since he has set himself the objective of triggering a political tsunami to remove the Militant Socialist Movement and Pravind Jugnauth from power.

However, the arrests he faced, as well as the allegations made by the Prime Minister that Sherry Singh held foreign bank accounts, have considerably lessened the impact of the ex-CEO of MT and his commitment policy. This month of June, however, marked a turning point for him.

On June 10, 2024, the charge of “conspiracy to defraud MT” which was held against him was dropped. A few days later, on June 19, magistrate Valentine Mayer struck out the provisional charge of “conspiracy to money laundering” which was brought against Varsha Singh, wife of Sherry Singh. The decision was prompted by a statement from Police Prosecutor Sergeant Rajiv Mungra, saying the Director of Public Prosecutions had no objection to the request to drop the charges.

The question that needs to be asked is whether these legal developments will strengthen Sherry Singh's position in the political landscape particularly during this election period? The former close friend of the Jugnauth couple has certainly suggested, on a few occasions, that he is in possession of compromising files for Pravind Jugnauth as well as for his entourage.

But the fact remains that Sherry Singh has so far not released anything concrete, apart from the “Sniffing” affair. Within public opinion and among various members of the opposition, we continue to believe that Sherry Singh has jokers in her hands capable of destabilizing power.

On the side of the Labor Party (PTr), although we refuse to comment openly on the case of Sherry Singh, several leaders affirm that even if there is no direct contact with the former boss of MT, he will end up sooner or later by becoming an objective ally of the opposition. They recall that Sherry Singh's ultimate objective is to bring down the government, just like that of the PTr-MMM-ND alliance.

“Which means that he will end up, at some point, becoming an objective ally of the opposition,” confides a leader of the PTr. The latter also emphasizes that apart from the meeting between Sherry Singh and Navin Ramgoolam in 2022, there was no real contact between the two men. But indirect links between the party and Sherry Singh are often mentioned.

In order to determine whether the latter has today become an ally for the opposition, it is crucial to assess his political achievements since his departure from MT. This question is raised by the historian and political observer Jocelyn Chan Low. “Can Sherry Singh be considered a political force today? » asks the historian.

“Of course, he created a political party and was joined by Bruneau Laurette, but does this party have solid structures? Did the creation of One Moris make Sherry Singh a political force? Was the party active in the constituencies? This is not the impression that emerges,” he says.

Jocelyn Chan Low also points out that Sherry Singh had promised the arrival of a “tsunami”, but that this phenomenon has not yet occurred. Regarding the files that the ex-CEO of MT could have in hand to embarrass the government, the political observer points out that Sherry Singh's revelations have, so far, resulted in nothing concrete against the power in place.

Another element that also deserves to be highlighted in this matter is the role of the government. Several observers agree that everything that has happened since Sherry Singh's departure from MT is the result of the political confrontation between him and the MSM, more particularly its leader, Pravind Jugnauth.

Stefan Gua recalls that a whole machinery had been set in motion against Sherry Singh. “What we remember is that the entire political cabal led by the government against it is collapsing thanks to the independence of the judicial system,” underlines the member of the left-wing Rezistans ek Alternativ party.

If Stefan Gua refuses to comment on the credibility of Sherry Singh after the developments that have occurred in court over the last two weeks, he nevertheless emphasizes that the government is losing its feathers in this whole story. “This once again demonstrates the government's ability to carry out a vendetta against all those who oppose it,” he says.

The four arrests of Sherry Singh

May 2023: Sherry Singh is arrested in connection with an investigation into alleged copper trafficking with Tradeway Ltd.
July 2023: The former CEO of MT is arrested again for the disappearance of several computer data within the telecommunications company.
September 2023: His arrest is, this time, linked to allegations of embezzlement in relation to the purchase of 4K Smart Boxes by MT.

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