A high-voltage police raid took place on Wednesday, May 29, in Pamplemousses. Bloodhounds of the Special Supporting Unit Special Intelligence Cell, while searching a family's home, faced resistance. A young woman beat up a police officer who was questioning her father. As the officers were leaving the scene, someone threw a rock at a police vehicle. Father and daughter face charges of rebellion.

The Pamplemousses police received information concerning two local residents who were involved in drug trafficking. The police searched a first house. However, during this exercise, nothing compromising was found. The police left.

They then headed towards the neighbor's house. The latter was at home. They then informed him that they were going to search his house. He was reluctant, but he finally agreed to have the police raid the scene. During their search, the suspect's daughter arrived. According to the police, she was agitated. She allegedly smashed dishes in the kitchen and insulted the officers.

A police officer then tried to calm her down, but the young woman became more violent. “Not all my dad,” she would have said. The policewoman tried to calm her down, but nothing helped. The young woman lost her temper and kicked the policewoman who defended herself. She was able to be controlled. However, when he saw that his daughter had been arrested, the father reacted violently and prevented the police from continuing the search. “Mo enn HC, prizon mo pa per,” the suspect allegedly added when addressing the police.

The father and his daughter resisted their arrest until the end and did not want to get into the police vehicle. When they were in the van, a man appeared. The latter threw the stone which lodged in the rear headlight of the police vehicle. The man fled. One of the bloodhounds came out to chase him, but he managed to outrun him.

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