The package arrived in Mauritius from the United States. At this stage, the recipient of the drugs is unknown, as no one showed up for the controlled delivery exercise.

Traffickers operating abroad are constantly competing in ingenuity to introduce their merchandise into Mauritian territory. Among their “arsenal” to deceive customs officers: drugs hidden in the false bottoms of suitcases, sound equipment, car spare parts… This time, they have done even better: they have hidden it in a… skateboard.

But this was to misunderstand the rigor of the customs officers based at the Customs Anti-Narcotics Section (CANS). In total, one kilo of Crystal Meth, whose market value is estimated at Rs 15 million on the Mauritian market, according to the bloodhounds of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu), was intercepted.

This package from the United States arrived in the country on May 16th via an Air Mauritius flight leaving Paris. Once in the country, while awaiting delivery, it was stored in the warehouse of an international courier service based in Plaine-Magnien. Keeping a close eye on the situation, customs officers secured the package containing the skateboard for a thorough inspection. They found that the skateboard, which was wrapped in tape around the edges, had an abnormal weight. Very quickly, the board was subjected to an X-ray examination. This is how the presence of foreign bodies was noted.

When the skateboard deck with the US flag was dismantled, the secret was discovered. It contained 1 kilo of Crystal Meth. The drugs were secured, and the airport's Adsu sleuths, led by Chief Inspector Goinden, launched a controlled delivery exercise. But the recipient of the drugs did not come forward. The police investigation is continuing.

This is not the first time that drugs have been discovered in skateboards. In November 2023, in Tahiti, this trick was unmasked. Customs officers had intercepted 1 kilo of methamphetamine hidden in skateboards. In Mauritius, crystal methamphetamine is known as the drug of the rich. It is widespread and sold mainly in a very select environment, particularly during private parties or rave parties.

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