Ebony Forest in Mauritius

Visiting the Ebony Forest is a delight for nature enthusiasts. This significant conservation initiative in Mauritius aims to restore the damage caused by habitat degradation and establish a haven for the island’s distinctive and diverse plant and animal life. The verdant Ebony Forest is a labor of love, as the dedicated conservation team has been diligently removing invasive plants, cultivating native species, and nurturing endemic flora since 2006.

Guests have the opportunity to have an exclusive experience at the bird release aviaries, where they can witness the Pink Pigeon and Echo Parakeet, both rare species. Alternatively, they can join a guided tour led by knowledgeable bird conservationists in their quest to spot the elusive Mauritius kestrel. For a different adventure, guests can embark on a safari jeep tour of the forest or take a leisurely stroll along the 300m raised walkway that winds through the ancient forest, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the sights, scents, and sounds of this tropical paradise. Furthermore, those who wish to contribute to the preservation of the forest can take part in its conservation efforts. Couples, in particular, can reserve a spot to plant a ‘love tree,’ symbolically intertwining their own story with that of the forest.


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